Sygic McGuider v.7.6 and v.7.7 for S60 in a N95 (captions in English)

Uploaded by fabiymoura on 29.12.2008

Sygic Drive 7.60.731 - installation in a N95
With a real-time 3D engine and bluetooth/built-in GPS support navigation, Sygic MOBILE is the perfect GPS navigation product for Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phones
Download the 4 files from the links available in the description of this video in YouTube
Put all the downloaded files in the same folder and unrar them
Right-click in Sygic.7.6.part1.rar, extract here command
Connect N95 in data transfer mode
Copy drive, maps and res folders to the microSD
Connect N95 in PC Suite mode
Double click in SetupSymbianS60.sis for installing Sygic
Finish installation in N95
Choose English (UK)
Install in microSD or internal memory of N95
Open Sygic DRIVE
Choose I agree
Choose No
Activate, manual
Copy your device code
Put the device code in the keygen to generate the code to activate the map (don't close Sygic!)
If you can't open keygen, install Microsoft .NET Framework in your PC (google for ".net framework 2.0", download and install it)
Open SDKGPub.exe
Fill in ID the number of your device code
Click "Calc"
The code in All Europe Map will activate the map
Copy the code generated in the keygen into Sygic
In the first time the code will not activate the map
Select your language
Voice navigation language: choose yours
Next, next and finish
Do not cancel!
Click back
Press selection key
Exit Sygic
Restart N95
Open Sygic
I accept
Select All maps
Activate, manual, activate
Copy your code generated in the keygen again
Activated map!
Grey map: no GPS conection. If it does not connect, GPS navigation does not work!
Exit Sygic
Some settings to make Sygic connect faster with A-GPS
Bars filled in black: GPS connection ok!
Open Sygic
If N95 GPS is already connected, Sygic starts ready to navigate (colorful maps)
Credits - Video by Fabi Moura. Thanks for watching! �