Adria Sportline DS 2013 based on the 2013 Adria Altea Shannon

Uploaded by venturecaravans on 11.01.2013

Hi, my names Dave Webb from Venture Caravans, and I'd like to show you around this Sportline DS.
The Sport Line range is exclusive to Venture Caravans and they are based on the Adria Altea range.
The Sport Line DS is actually based on the Adria Altea Shannon.
So let me take you around some of it's features.
As you can see you've got some rather
nice graphics on the outside there, in a burgundy and grey.

Down here we have
some 14" inch alloy wheels
You've got a very large locker here, which you can access
inside too,
beneath the seating.
The body shell is made out of a polyester.
Which is dent resistant and damage resistant.
So stones and awning poles won't damage it at all, which is a really good idea.

As you come round here,
You've got an awning rail
which not only goes over this side, but it also overlaps over onto the
front of the panel
which gives it a more secure
seal against the caravan body
to prevent leaks.
You've also got more heavy duty front and rear panel,
they use a thicker grade of plastic to make them last longer
and prevent damage on those.
Fitted to this model is the Alko AKS
3004 stabilizer.
You've also got a very long a-frame here,
this allows better towing stability.
it allows you to stand on it for cleaning the front of the caravan and also you
can fit a bike rack on there too.
So it's multipurpose that.
As we go through to the gas locker here,
you've got a solid base on the floor,
good storage for two gas bottles,
spare wheel,
located up here is you winding handle so it's nice and neatly out the way.
You also have the gas pipe that's fitted to this caravan, it's all pre-bent into shape, so it's a more solid gas pipe.
On the locker door itself you have three point locking,
so as you can see here
you can close that, and it will
lock there,
and also at this point here.
Right, now I'll take you to the inside of the caravan and show you some of the benefits inside there too.
So if you'd like to follow me.
Inside the Sportline DS, we have this seating area at the front,
which turns into your double bed. It features Sportline Opulence Upholstery.
which compliments the carpet really well.
To make up the double bed, we pull out these slats at the front.
Which are very heavy duty, they are a lot more thicker than most bed slats so
it's gonna last longer, they're also very smooth so they're not going to catch on the back of the
materials on the seating
and damage it in anyway.
You'll also notice down here, that this is angled towards the bed base,
which means they are supported better and is less likely to break which is really good.
At the front you have a fold-able flap here,
which could be an occasional table, which could always be quite handy
especially in a smaller caravan because it gives you more workable space.
You have up here your blinds and fly screens, so each window has a fly screen and a blind

and then the curtains are really there
for extra look, but you can close those off if you want too.
Now i'm going to show you underneath the seating, so i'm just going to remove the seat area

In the Sportline Model, we have the Truma Gas Fire,
it's a blown air system with it to, that distributes the heat around the caravan,
and Adria do this in a rather unique way, which I'd like to show you underneath this bed.

What you've got with the blown air system is you've got all the ducting that goes
round the caravan,
and it has holes punctured in to it in various places.
This then allows the air,
the hot air,
to come up the back of the seats,
because they've got these winter backs as they're called behind them,
up into the cupboards because they have gaps at the top,
and then out again
at the top points here
to allow circulation of heat.
Now I'll show you around this kitchen area,
in the cooker here, you've got a 3 burner hob on the top here
which features an electric ignition here.
Underneath you have your combined grill and oven,
and again that features an electronic ignition.
You also have good storage underneath there
and if you go through into the cupboard, you might be able to see
the wheel arch which is insulated with polystyrene
quite a lot of caravans don't even have any insulation there,
so obviously that gives you a point of where you can lose a lot of heat.
You have the new
touch panel Thetford fridge fitted,
with a freezer compartment in the top section there.
You have your sink,
and you also have a couple of drawers, and they both feature
soft close.
At the top here, you have your fitted Microwave,
nice Whirlpool fitted Microwave in black to match the
fridge front and the cooker.
And that's basically your kitchen area.
Let me take you through the back here,
where you've got your seating group here,
which turns into two bunk beds.
Now I'd like to show you how these bunk beds are made up in this back area.
First of all I'd like to show you this table because it does feature quite a solid table leg.
Again quite a lot of them are just small table legs, that are very flimsy, this one in particular
is well constructed.
First of all you push the button in there and fold the arm down like I've just done.
Then you just drop it into place here

and that makes up your bottom bed base.
We've removed the cushions so that you could see this done
a little bit easier.
Then you pull this bit up,
there is a couple of poppers at each end that you have to undo,
and that allows you to fold the bed out completely.
And then there are a couple of poppers that hold it on to the wall,
this keeps,
this fabric in place which protects the blind so even though you've pulled the blind down
it still just protects that from getting any damage, from any children rolling against it.

Very substantial very solid and very easy to use, I think you'll agree.
Also, I don't know if you can come round the edge here,
but you'll see that each individual bed,
has a nice light for each one
so again if your children want to be up reading for the last part of the evening
they can sit here in comfort to do that.
Now I'm just going to fold it away.
And that's it, it just fold away back against the wall and you'd hardly know it was there.
It's worth just mentioning as well that it does come with bunk guards and ladders,
so obviously children can't roll out of bed this way and also gives them access up
with the ladder.
This is the Sportline DS's bathroom area.
As you can see it features a Fetford swivel cassette toilet which has an
electric flush,
you can move it around,
also down here we have a blown air heating outlet.
So this area can be nice and toasty and warm.
The shower tray it's self if a thicker grade of plastic so it's
very solid and durable.
You have quite a lot of storage in there,
and you have your
sink basin there,
with a tap that pulls out to make the shower
and toilet
That goes onto the position up there, for
when you want to shower.
Lot's of storage as I said, and lighting around the mirror.
Good ventilation offered through the window which is opaque,
and also a vent in the roof at the top there.
Right so we've been round the inside of the caravan, and we've been round the outside of the caravan.
Just a couple more points I'd like to share with you about the Sportline DS,
It's only 6.9 feet wide, so it's a very slim caravan. It's also very lightweight
at 1,100KG's maximum it can be towed by most family cars.
It also comes with a satellite system.
So when you plug it into the outside, you can get your TV reception from a satellite dish.
So that's it for the Sportline DS, I hope you've enjoyed the video, and enjoyed learning a bit
about what the Sportline range has to offer. But please come and visit us at
Venture Caravans where you will be able to find out more information.