Entrainement de l'armée Malienne - C dans l'air (Mali : en attendant la guerre)

Uploaded by r4dius on 14.01.2013

Failing to have sufficient ammunition
Malian soldiers have imagination
they pretend as if there were a target enemy ahead
they try to set the target
the other section is supporting them
now they embark to walk on the target
while the other section which is on the left will begin to shoot
this offensive has no victims
but the army is eager to take revenge
after the debacle of spring
soldiers prepare as best they can
in these semi-arid areas in the region of Mopti
at the areas border controlled by the Islamists
they do not lack from spirit
but equipment and organization
soldiers just sack the Prime Minister
they do not hesitate to attribute to the politicians
the responsibility of their defeat