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Copenheavy ! Copenheavy ! Copenhea...
Michael, It's the third time you call, leave me alone !
Hallo ?
Hey It's Michael
We are about to do some shootouts for our documentary,
Could you come over to my place and say a couple of nice words about us?
NO, I don't think i want to do that Michael, I just told you not to call me again!
It's kinda too much that you keep calling me.
Could you just please delete my number?
Uhh, Yes, sorry, hey
Fuck this
Your really clean, its really grosel
So we agree this is our set as it is?
Ken ton faz !
I ken ton faz
And the Party
The sink overthere, was used to butcher deer with
That one?
It's really creepy, at one time…
So they actually killed Bambi here?
Yes the butched Bambi in that one.
Once i was suppose to live out here, but they couldn't remove the sink
It thought it was to nasty to have that sink where they butched deer.
Then bambi died all day
I don't think bamboo had it nice in here
Just on the face ! Just on the face ! Just on the face !
That was fucking awesome!
What is different in this version compared to the one before?
I don't know ?
Producer and DJ duo from Copenhagen, named Copenheavy
Its heavy stuff they deliver and must say quite represented for the mood and atmosphere
we see at the festivals camps when they really understand to party throughout the day.
Here you can hear them on a remix they made of Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
And it is monday night they will be playing at the Apollo countdown stage.
It is at this stage it will go down in a couple of hours.
And I hope someone will show up.
no…. its not there..
Its not…?
We do have cue-points
if anything goes completely wrong then we always can use our cue points.
so if anything goes wrong we can always mix something in.
But we need them for a little variation in our set.
A little banana
How are you feeling?
The pressure is on, you have 5 min until the driver is here.
It's a bit annoying, Im beginning to be a bit nervous, until now I have been pretty calm about it all day.
yea when she came and said the car has arrived and it will take you to the Apollo Stage
where loads of people are waiting to hear you play.
Copenheavy ! Copenheavy ! Copenheavy !
Fuck !
I really need a cigaret right now.
Yeah we have definently made the stage warm.
I have been waiting for this for a hour
this was insane!