crazy asian caught on tape!!!

Uploaded by GentlemanWorlock on 13.12.2012

i'm the dick that yo bitch swallow through her esophagus
no phony shit, im the realist
this goes out to my niggas locked up in the pen beatin they chest like gorillaz
you take away our work, we go bananas
this that lion king jungle, parted ways from the struggle
no thank you, i said, when she proposed to me on the avenue
lightin up the bud, anal as fuck, alerting when we see the colors RED and BLUE
word of mouth
i guess im somethin like a loose tooth
not a snitch, never have been, never ever leave a blue's clue
i bleed red like a cougar
bitch got a problem, say hello to my ruler
we move in silence like a mute gangsta, maybe thats the reason i do my shit
forever houston, banging that screw and puffin white clouds, creepin cruisin
the only bitch i need in life has four legs and canes that'll pierce your fuckin skin as i laugh
in delight and shower upon yo blood
god, speak to me from within. should i let this motherfucker live?
or burst him in flames with my spit, komodo dragon on the beat, beat yo ass to oblivion an send your skull
deeper than an abyss
my heart, you can't have it
poetic mathematician at it
your life a math problem, i cant wait to solve it
this cocaine game got these square niggas runnin in circles
i wanna go hot as lava, spit in infinite saliva
you got a problem with us? sorry brother
we wash out any peace motherfucker, the sign says "no hakuna matata"
i love fuckin bitches fuckin with estee lauder tryna keep that face in shape before we go
diagonal on each other
then you're welcome to my nightmare lair where dreams get lost faster than a busta rhymes verse
im one with the curse
im the black sheep in a pack of hungry wolf's
i was the school bully eatin people's lunch but was still gettin hurt
crazy? nah, diagnostics: berserk
lost a heart. i say murder the bitch but let her live
she deserves a prince that will grant her a kingdom one day but either way
my reign still bigger than both of them
all hail king gentleman wor LOCK these bitches away
they say better safe than sorry
thats why you see me leave the bank with no apology