How to Make a Beaded Cuff from Metal Bangles

Uploaded by ikologee on 22.10.2012

This video shows how to make a two stacked or four stacked bracelet usually called a cuff.
Four stacked bracelet.
You will need: at least 2 metal bangles, some beads, 26 gauge wire
2 metal bangles
Slightly bend a "V" shape on opposite sides of the bangles.
I used a couple of clamps to make accurate bends in the bangles by clamping one half to a table and pushing down slightly on the other half to bend it.
If you have no clamps, try putting half the bangle between bricks and pushing down on the other half.
Or try the door jamb - be sure however, that it doesn't damage the paintwork.
This is the amount of bend you should have in the bangles.
Front view of two bent bangles placed on top of one another with the "V" bends touching.
Side view of two bent bangles placed on top of one another with the "V" bends touching.
Next wrap wire around the "V" sides to keep them together.
Then use wire on the other two sides and adjust the bangles so that there is equal spacing.
Next, go back and permanently tighten the wire on the "V" sides (dented sides).
Snip excess wire.
So, attach two beads
(or more) to both sides. And we have a two-stack bracelet.
This works as a bracelet by itself but if you want a bigger "look" add two more bangles.
After bending two more bangles I added them to the top and bottom of my 2 stacked bracelet.
So, I added one to the bottom.
attaching the "V" dent side under one of the beaded sides.
Add the last bangle piece - attaching the "v" bent side under the other beaded side of the now 3 stacked bracelet.
I used two rectangle shaped largish glass beads to finish off my beaded cuff.
This is how I attached the two beads one directly under the other.
For a tidy finish wrap the wire around the bottom of the last bead then snip excess wire.
You can see here how using slighlty larger beads forces the spaces to be a little larger where the beads are inserted. I didn't plan that but love having one side of the cuff raise - it gives the cuff a front and back.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When wrapping with wire be sure to finish any cuts or snips on the outside of the bangle - and squeeze trimmed ends flat with pliers. This will ensure that there are no (missed) sharp bits on the inside of the bangle.
Always run fingers over inside and out to make sure there are no rough bits on inside or outside. It is possible to neaten all snipped wires.