The Temp Life Season 5, Episode #7: Nick's Last Stand

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NICK (OFFSCREEN): Dark clouds are gathering on the horizon.

I fear that sinister forces are aligning against me.

I'm not sure who I can trust.
I think that a mutiny may be afoot.
COOK: Mutiny may be a foot.
What does that mean?
NICK: Well, not, not like a foot.
But like afoot.
Like it's going, happening.
Mutiny may be happening.
COOK: Why wouldn't you just say that?
NICK: Well, because when I get really stressed out, I tend to
speak in a very epic, almost dramatic language.
And it's just uh, something I do when I'm nervous.
COOK: You know, Rick, it's like I told you yesterday.
You know, you've got to start trusting people.
Give them the benefit of the doubt until the time they
prove you wrong, and then you know that's when you sharpen
up your toothbrush, and you shank them in the shower.
NICK: Wow.
That's a very, uh, specific and aggressive reaction.
Right, Nick?
NICK: Oh, um, yeah, sorry.
COOK: Hi, Mark.
MARK: Hey.
NICK: You know what?
That's actually good, good, good advice.
I think I'm gonna start trusting people, and uh, I'm
gonna start today.
I will see you uh--
COOK: Thanks.
NICK: I'll see you same time tomorrow.
All right, Mark.
MARK: Hey, how are ya?

NICK: Hi, Alina.
I just wanted to tell you that I trust you, and you're doing
a great job.
ALINA: Thanks.

NICK: Hey, guys.
STEVIE: Listen, coach.
I know it's, uh, we're in the red zone.
Clock ticking.
Game's on the line.
And I'm your field captain, but sometimes there's a blitz
that you just don't see coming, and
your heart gets sacked.
NICK: Your, your heart?
What are you guys, an item?
STEVIE: She's my butterfly.

Took me a long time to see it.
A really, really long time.
But uh, she's my sixth round pick that made
it to the pro bowl.
NANCY: What I think he's trying to say is
that we're in love.
That's great.
NANCY: We're even going on a bison safari together in
Like, over the holidays, or--
NANCY: We leave first thing in the morning.
STEVIE: It's an away game, coach.
NICK: You're both quitting?
STEVIE: Could you rephrase that in a sports metaphor?
NICK: Oh, um, sorry.
You're, you're retiring?
Brett Favre-ing it.
Gonna take the offseason, kind of collect my thoughts, see if
I still have love for the game.
And if I do, I'll be back on that field, coach.
NANCY: And since we're temps, I mean, you can just bring us
right back on.
NICK: OK, well then I wish you good hunting.
STEVIE: I love you, coach.
NICK: Just go.
NANCY: I love you.

NICK (OFFSCREEN): I really think that Alina appreciated
me telling her today that she was doing a good job.
That was nice of me.

I saw that she had my name written down on that
presentation she was doing.
I don't know what that's about.
I'll bet it's a party.
Wonder if she's planning a surprise party for me.

I'll bet she is.