Inequations Basics Tutorial - Important Tip

Uploaded by vividmaths on 25.03.2012

Ok guys, watch out! It’s danger! Caution! I’ve got an equation up here that you can’t
actually graph – got it in red.
Minus 1 is greater than to equal to x is greater than 5. The last thing you want to do is to
mark out the 5 and marked it to minus 1 and join them together. Why? Because you cannot
have greater than or equals to or greater than on a number line, it just doesn’t work,
it will not going to connect. The only time you can only make this to work if you do want
to make it work, is if you go minus 1 is less than or equal to x is less than 5 that is
the only way you would join. So summing up, quick reminder is when we draw number lines
and they connect together like this one here, only less than or equal to or less than can
allow you to connect this together. Greater than or greater than or equal to just doesn’t
work, so watch out for that, just a word of caution.
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