111107 - Eurozone Chapter 11

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Hello, this is Scott... And this is a mini Hyper Report for November
7th, 2011
Here are the prices for Gold, Silver, and Oil for today.
Wikileaks Exposes German Preparations For "A Eurozone Chapter 11"
It appears that Germany is becoming more and more weary about staying with the collapsing
eurozone. In an official cable, it was implied that
a Chapter 11, of sorts, should be implemented on troubled members,
of the EU, and placed under economic supervision until
they can put their enconomic house in order. The question is, who would supervise? Bankers
via the IMF?
6 Things That Occupy Wall Street Has Already Accomplished
Here are three... 1. People know they are not alone in their
hatred of big banks 2. The new American police state is exposed
3. The mainstream media curruption has been exposed like never before.
How to Really Annoy the Banks and Finance Companies
Watch this video on how to get back a those banks via the credit card offers they send
you. Don't forget the wood for those envelopes!
Senator Calls for Abolition of Guns
Senator Diane Feinstein says that the “Fast and Furious” gun scandal "shows that now,
more than ever, we must abolish guns in this country."
Gee, could you imagine what she would have said if the ATF and the Justice Department
were not caught red handed? These statments by a Senator show that now,
more than ever with a government unwilling to follow the law, we need more guns.
Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels
Here are a few of the 19 statistics that show poverty in the US is growing...
1. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of "very poor" rose in 300 out
of the 360 largest metropolitan areas during 2010.
2. Right now, one out of every four American children is on food stamps.
3. The number of Americans that are going to food pantries and soup kitchens has increased
by 46% since 2006.
Finally, Please prepare now for the continuing economic and social unrest. Good Day