Might & Magic - Duel of Champions - Developers interview #2 [CA]

Uploaded by ubisoft on 17.08.2012

Hello dear players, here we are for a second developer's interview for Might & Magic - Duel of Champions
We are at Ubisoft Quebec studio right now with four members of the team
I have Stephane Jankowski, Producer, Guillaume Borgia, Game Designer in charge of the rules,
also Samuel Jobin, Economic Designer on the project, and myself Emile Gauthier, Community Developer.
We will take this special time to answer a few questions, still pending, about the game.
Let's start right now with the first one, a question aimed at Stephane :
"Is it true that the game will be out in 2013, as the rumor tells in the forums?"
- No we won't release it in 2013, we will release the game in 2015 or 2016...
No, no, we will release in 2012, this fall, our launch date will be announced when everything is ready,
but yes, it is for 2012, clearly. -Excellent, another question here
regarding the rewards for the Closed Beta players, "What have you planned guys to reward
the players who have tested the game since a few months now?"
-I will take this one, actually we have a team actually designing two exclusive cards,
to thank the players who took part in the Closed Beta, we also want to make you able to advance a little faster,
to get a little edge when we will go to the Open Beta, we'll have a few packs of cards waiting for you at the Open Beta.
-Thanks Samuel, another question for you, on the economic side,
"How will monetization work inside the game?"
-Excellent one, so we want to test monetization in the Closed Beta stage to make sure that everything works,
we also want feedback from the community to make sure that it's well balanced, this is very important.
Duel of Champions is a game we want to be "fair play", we want everyone to have a fantastic experience,
players will be able to buy seals or good, directly through the shop,
with seals you will be able to buy boxes, or change it for gold according to a conversion rate,
and then, this is the shop, just as you know it. -Excellent,
a question for Guillaume now regarding the balancing of factions, we received many comments about Necro faction,
like it's not well balanced, weaker than other factions, of targetted at more advanced players, what can we say about that?
-Indeed, it is a hot topic on the discussion forums, on our side, we created many decks of different factions,
and we don't think that Necro is unbalanced, our most powerful decks are pretty strong in Necro,
but, seeing the impressive amount of comments, we double-checked the topic, and what we found out
is that, our best decks pretty never contain creatures with "Infect", or almost never,
so perhaps we over-evaluated the "Infect" ability, so in the latest patch, we gave a little boost to all creatures with "Infect",
so new players who start with Necro will find it easier to fight against other factions at the start.
-So, last question but not least, to Stephane here: "What is the origin of your last namen Jankowski?"
-I know it is a crucial question, the whole project is based on that, it's simply a Polish name,
all branches of my family tree come from Poland, so I bear the name with proud since many generations.
-I'm sure our Polish fans will by glad to hear it, a great mystery now resolved.
Thanks for your time dear players, I hope we answered at least a few of your questions,
we are always looking for your feedback, don't hesitate to post on the forums,
we have a new version out since the week of August 14th, with a lot of new stuff, I invite you to check it,
and see you on the Battleground!