Punch korean drama Episode 5 때려

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They said I've killed someone.
Episode 5
Are you... Oppa's friend!
You are, aren't you!
It's been awhile.
My oppa died because of me.
Actually, I...
...have something important to say.
Hey girl, do you want to learn boxing?
I really want to do this.
I want to be as good as Oppa.
It's a way of continuing his legacy.
Jang Yu-Cheol, I'm going to teach your sister how to box.
This is my boxing coach.
Boxing coach?
Oh, so you're here.
Why? You thought I wouldn't be here.
I thought you would still be angry.
We're not romantically involved. Why would I be angry?
Manager, must we be this busy?
Come. Put it down here.
This chair is for Mr. Oh. No one else is to sit in it.
Why do we need to ingratiate ourselves to him?
We must take good care of him so that he'll invest in our club.
Otherwise, where else can you get money for drinks.
Under this circumstance,
Yun-Pyo will surely win.
If Ju Ae-Ri practises hard, she can win too.
Yu-Bin is...
Keep fighting! Then we won't need to worry about financial support.
Good, ready, look at your opponent.
Huh! What's there to be happy about?
Contracts? She can't possibly take away my clients, can she?
Fighting! Fighting!
Ayoh! Could she have signed up a few big contracts?
Do your best! Fighting! Fairplay! Fighting!
Mansu! Come here.
Don't be afraid! We're strong enough to win.
Coach, don't worry. You have me.
Fighting! Fairplay!
Good, Ae-Ri!
It seems only Ae-Ri is dependable.
Warm-ups. Do your warm-ups.
Come with me for a sec.
Great to see you here!
You box too?
Oh, so it's you..
I thought someone else had the same name as yours.
Really! You're not happy to see me?
What's wrong? You know her?
I definitely won't lose today.
This is the place.
Dad, why do you hold the bouts here?
So smelly.
This club has a long history of more than 30 years.
President, is that you?
Oh, Manager Jo! Why are you here?
How come you're here?
Oh, I came to see some friends.
But why are you here?
Are you here to see your clients?
Perhaps, there may be prospective new clients.
Let's go in.
Hey, my hard years were spent on these stairs,
and also my penniless younger days.
Ah, I'm hoping for a favourable reply from you.
Smaller one's for Yu-Bin, and the other's for Ae-Ri.
Wear it this way.
You, turn around.
Roll up your shirt a little bit.
Do you want it a little bit tighter?
No, it's ok.
- Are you sure?
You must feel comfortable with it!
Hello President Oh, do you feel tired?
Why aren't there many attendants at such an event?
Please come this way.
Please take a seat!
Bring some drinks here!
Oh, Manager Jo!
You really came!
You must be careful. Don't get hurt, ok?
Yes, don't worry!
Now, try to punch!
Jab, 1, 2, Jab, 1, 2, 1, 2.
What's going on?
What's your name?
I'm Secretary Yun.
Ah, Secretary Yun. Do you want to bet?
It's so boring to just simply watch the bout.
Yes, I choose Yun-Pyo.
Don't choose just a pretty face.
Then I choose his opponent.
Look at his physique, isn't it similar to mine?
Hey! Are you crazy?
Let go of my hand!
Why are you cheering for him?
Let's go to school!
I don't want to!
If I don't go, he'll surely lose.
Ahh. Bong Mi-Ra!
Yun-Pyo, move faster!
Ae-Ri, where is this place?
5, 6 ,7, 8
Want to continue? Ok.
- Wipe him with this.
You must attack aggressively.
Your attack must be strong enough to hurt your opponent.
Ok, understand?
That's good.
Oh, blood. He bled so much!
You're silly. Throw that away.
God protect him. Please let Yun-Pyo win.
Yun-Pyo wins!
Where does that kind of boxing come from?
Yes. Thank you.
- What's wrong? Are you alright?
Let's go.
What's going on? She's a boxer?
Oh my God.
Attack! Fighting!
Ae-Ri! You must win. You can do it! Fighting!
Ae-Ri! Stand Up!
Ae-Ri! Stand up!
Oh dear! How come such a woman likes boxing?
She's down before she's even attacked.
She never does anything well.
This is boring. I'm leaving.
Oh, today's bout is so boring!
It's embarrassing!
Oh, I don't have enough money in my wallet.
Can I pay by credit card?
Answer me!
Yes, sir.
Open your mouth!
Are you ok?
Ae-Ri gave me such high hopes but she lost.
I think Yu-Bin's opponent is not easy to defeat.
Don't be nervous. Nothing's going to go wrong.
I'll get out now. Fighting!
Now it's all up to me. There's no one else.
I think both girls are pretty. Which one do you think is prettier?
Dad, bet on the girl to the right.
That one?
Ok, I bet on this side.
I choose the other girl.
What's going on?
Is she left handed?
Has she been taught how to fight against a left handed opponent?
No, she hasn't.
Oh no! We are going to lose.
Yu-Bin, left hand, left leg.
No problem!
Don't back-up.
Raise your hands.
Yu-Bin, are you alright?
Can you endure it?
You still can fight, right?
Stand up.
No problem. That's the spirit!
She's left handed. Understand?
Swerve to the side, Okay? Swerve to the side.
She is a fighter, so you need to be brave. Understand?
Come on. That's good. Continue.
Take a deep breath!
Here, is the fit okay?
Just listen to me!
Be defensive and shout 1, 2, ok?
Yu-Bin! Good job!
1, 2, 1, 2. Fighting!
Yu-Bin! Yu-Bin! Wake up!
- Yu-Bin! win? It's a close bout!
This bout is a draw.
Next time I will definitely win.
Are you sure?
This girl.. You did well!
Good job!
It's a pity that the last bout was a draw.
I'll invest in your clubs later.
Yes, please support us.
Today my club did so well.
Mine is not bad too.
Next time, my club will win for sure.
Mine will win too.
This guy looks familiar.
Wasn't he a famous boxer a while back?
Yes, you are right!
You have a good memory.
He's my favorite.
After his opponent died, he quit boxing.
Boxer Jang had brain haemorrhage after his bout and died that night.
This doesn't usually happen in boxing.
This is my coach.
I see, that's why his face is familiar.
Let's go.
Secretary Yun, could you please find all information on Lee Han-Sae?
Yes, Manager.
- Hey! Cheers!
Uhm, everyone worked hard today!
Anyway, today's performances were not bad.
Initially, I was worried but towards the end, it became great.
That woman... She only has a big mouth.
What were you doing once you stepped in the ring?
My legs suddenly went paralyzed. I didn't know what to do.
This meat is so yummy.
You seem to know only how to eat and not how to grill!
What's wrong? I'll grill some more.
They say you can tell a person's personality just from the way they eat.
Who are you? How do you know my Mi-Ra?
Dad, we're...
We're just friends.
He's handsome. His mouth is big like a frog.
Dad! Mi-Ra and I are very compatible.
Please try this, dad.
What? Dad?
Yes, dad.
This guy is really...
Hey! How many cups of soju did you have?
No worries.
For boxers, they need a drink after a bout.
Yes, you are right!
You have a big mouth.
Now, you should eat some meat.
- What's going on? g?
No, we are not. She's like a sister.
Can we have a drink? It's my treat.
Let me...
It's alright!
I'm lucky to find a good secretary like you.
When other employees complain, you always defend me.
I know you've fulfilled all duties as a secretary,
and you've helped me a lot.
It's nothing.
If you are dissatisfied with me, let me know...
I'll change whatever I can.
No, there's nothing.
As secretaries, we can't mix work with personal feelings.
No personal feelings?
I'll go to the restroom!
That's good.
Thanks for coming today.
What? Now?
Then, that's alright?
Let's go for a second round. It's my treat.
I need to go with them now.
Ok, so we'll meet sometime later.
- Work hard.
Come, let's have some wine.
Hold on!
- What's wrong? e are the customers.
We are here for fun.
- Is this okay?
You too!
Me too? Why?
Han-Sae! Come out!
Why didn't you come in?
Uhm, I'm a busy person.
You guys have fun.
Uhm, what does your mom like?
My mom?
Why do we have the cake?
Oh, this one?
Uhm, honestly, today is my birthday.
I don't want to spend my birthday alone.
But, why are there 5 candles? You are 50 years old?
No, I'm 41 years old.
Hence, 4 big candles and 1 small one.
Let's blow them out together!
If I count 1, you count 2, ok?
But I didn't prepare any present.
What should I do?
How about washing my hair?
Are you alright?
Yes, I'm ok.
I'll leave first.
Yes, goodbye.
Be careful on your way home.
Yes, bye.
Please assist her.
Thank you!
Does she have too much on her mind?
You came?
Whenever I call you, you must come quickly.
I can't. I'm too busy right now.
Let's meet later, ok?
I'll relieve your stress. See you!
Follow me!
Next, I want to hear Yun-Pyo sing.
Yun-Pyo! Yun-Pyo!
Please choose your song.
Yu-Bin! You played well today!
Hey, why do you cry?
Because I'm moved by his singing.
Hey, why do you leave before you finish your song?
Where are you going?
Drink slowly!
Oh?? Hey!
You don't intend to do anything here, do you?
If I want to kiss, I kiss. If I want to sleep, I sleep.
Oh, so scary!
Who is she?
Yun-Pyo! Were you angry?
I'm sorry!
I'm not angry with you. Don't follow me.
But once you leave, what can I do?
Heung-Su oppa!
What are you doing?
It's not my fault. She forced me!! She forced me!!
Ji-Su, please say something.
Hey, naive Mi-Ra!
Now Heung Su doesn't like you anymore.
It's not true. It wasn't like that.
It's just a misunderstanding!
You're a jerk!
Mi-Ra! Mi-Ra!
Ji-Su, why did you cause such a misunderstanding?
Because I like you.
Are you teasing me?
Where is Yu-Bin?
She was here a few minutes ago.
But I can't see her bag anywhere.
Maybe she went home.
She drank a lot.
I'm leaving.
Ok, please take care of her.
Coach Lee! Please pay the bill.
Yes, I know.
I miss you, Oppa.
Aigo, you are drunk!
You must go home to sleep.
Yu-Bin, wake up! Let's go home.
Are you awake?
No, I'm not.
If you are awake...
please walk yourself.
You shouldn't drink so much.
You are so heavy!
I don't want to.
I want to be piggybacked today.
What's wrong with you?
I want to stay like this.
It's good to have you beside me.
Me too, you are like my sister.
We reached home!
Am I heavy?
You boxed well today.
Your strenuous practice was worthwhile.
Yes, I did my best today.
Oh, my mouthguard.
Don't lose it again.
Cancel your early morning exercise and sleep well tonight.
Yes, you too.
What an adorable girl!
Why are you home early tonight?
There must be some days like that.
Uhm, perfect!
I took after you, that's why I'm so handsome.
No, you didn't take after me.
Your eye brow, nose, and mouth..
look like your dad's.
Don't have such a sad love story like mine.
Your love story should have a happy ending.
Mom, there's a girl that I'm not allowed to love...
but she's so cute...
so sometimes I feel like she's my girlfriend.
What should I do?
Why can't you love her?
I'm afraid she may end up getting hurt.
I don't want to have a sad love story either.
It's no fun after all.
Han-Sae! You should bring her here.
I'll do her hair beautifully.
Are you sure?
- Wow, what a beautiful building.
Let's do well. Let's go!
Here is your retainer.
Work hard!
Thank you.
Thank you!
From now on, we'll work in this hotel's nightclub?
Have you guys ever tried some coffee here? Follow me!
Let's drink some expensive stuff.
Hyung, we all work here?
Hyung, besides our retainers, how much sales commission do we get?
Sales commission?
Within 3 months, if we sell all of them, we'll get 30% commission, is it good enough?
- Really? really good.
Because I saw you guys worked so hard, hence,
I want you to work in this hotel so you'll have a better working condition.
Hyung, didn't we see her at the boxing bout?
Oh, the chairman's daughter. She's not an ordinary girl.
I'm still thinking which club should I support?
Hae-Mi, what do you think?
I think Mr. Bong's boxing club.
Bong's club?
Yes, please let me do the job.
You want to handle the boxing business.
Yes, I'm confident that I'll do well.
That club is a little bit small but the business is doing well.
Dad, please let me do it.
Ok, ok.
Go manage a boxing club.
Oh, my leg hurts, I have a big problem now.
What should I tell them?
I couldn't hit even once.
At least, I should have punched once.
Oh! I'm sorry, sorry, supervisor Nam.
Now you also want to attack anyone?
No, I just want to practice.
Fighting! Fighting! Fighting!
You were hurt so badly yet you still want to box?
What did you say?
I saw everything!
Here is your wound.
What did you see?
A girl like you shouldn't be boxing. You'll be a laughing-stock if they find out.
Punch! Jab!
- What are you...?! hot!
How did he know?
With a mouth as big as his, he'll tell everyone.
Please don't say that I told you so.
Ah, team leader Ju! Come here!
Do you intend to use your working hours to lose weight?
What are you saying?
How come you still lie? Supervisor Nam saw everything.
Supervisor Nam?
You are such a terrible employee.
You only care about losing your belly fat, but not about selling products!
Manager, it's not true.
Be aware! I might assign you to the Taiwan branch!
The old saying's right... "lonely middle-aged women are troublesome."
Ah! Ah! Ah!
She's going to be fired? Why?
Yes, Ae-Ri was discovered using her working hours to box in the bout yesterday.
What should she do?
While everyone was dating, I worked hard to get contracts and made money for the company.
I used my own money to treat my team members.
So I come here to unwind and relieve my stress.
You know, I'm a gentle person.
Nuna! Can I buy your products using credit card?
Yes, please give me 1 package as well.
Oh, eonni, I can buy 5 packages for my school.
Me too.
How about we buy all of them?
But is this product effective?
Of course! When you wake up in the morning, your body occasionally feels tired.
And when you only eat a little bit, you often get indigestion.
At those times, this product can give you more energy.
Yes, a coach like me really needs an energy boost.
I'll buy one package.
Thanks everyone.
Now I'm at ease.
Miss Hae-Mi!
So... Chairman Oh chose us?
I'm so happy!
Please take care of this place.
I'll pay you well.
Please manage this club well.
If you don't work well, I can hire another manager.
What did you say?
You also intend to pay me?
You don't have any idea of what will happen when you sell your club?
One more thing, I have a condition.
What's your condition?
Jang Yu-Bin is banned from this club.
That's difficult, Hae-Mi!
Really? Then there's no deal.
Wait, Ms. Hae Mi!
Yu-Bin! That girl, Oh Hae-Mi who was here a while ago, was so arrogant.
What's her profession?
I don't know whether these pants are comfortable to wear, but they look so flashy, right?
- Let me see. bad.
No, I don't like it anyway.
Oh, how about we watch video tapes of boxers' fashion?
Fashion show?
Oh, here it is.
What's this?
It's a fashion collection of the boxers' world. My dad recorded it through the sports channel.
Who's that? She looks so familiar.
She's Laila Ali.
She's Mohammed Ali's daughter.
You're here.
She immigrated to America.
She won the world championship when she was 24 years old.
Her nickname was "Fire Fist."
Fire Fist?
Do you know Lee In-Jong?
She also competed in the final bout of the world championship.
Boxer Chi In-Jin is Korea's local champion.
This is the tape that recorded Han-Sae's final championship bout.
Han-Sae's opponent was Jang Yu-Cheol.
Jang Yu-Cheol had brain haemorrhage after the bout and died that night.
Oh, what is this tape?
Why doesn't it have a label?
Let's watch it!
Oh! Isn't that Han-Sae Oppa?
- Really? him.
What's wrong, Coach Lee?
We want to see you box once.
No, you guys can't.
- Coach Bong.
What's wrong, dad?
Because it embarrassed me as a coach.
It was a difficult bout, even Han-Sae feels ashamed.
Don't watch it.
But I'm curious.
Whether Coach Lee was handsome at that time.
Yes, I was as handsome as now.
Hey! Could it be a hidden secret?
There couldn't be any secret!
You said his opponent was Jang Yu-Cheol?
Yes, it was Jang Yu-Cheol.
How could it be?
How come this tape is still around?
I should have destroyed it a long time ago.
That's enough, Coach.
It won't change the past.
It should have been disposed of before.
So it can't harm anyone.
Should've thrown it away.
It's done.
I must tell her. But I don't have the courage.
I feel scared when I think about it.
No, you shouldn't say anything yet.
It's not the right time.
Coach! Do you think Yu-Bin is pretty?
Yes, she is pretty. She boxes diligently.
Perhaps I'm not in my right mind.
I know I shouldn't love her but I can't help myself.
It's all because I want to become her brother.
Maybe I need to visit Yu-Cheol's grave.
You want to visit my brother's grave?
What's wrong?
I've just realized, I've never poured him a drink.
And you've not yet told him that you've started boxing.
Ok. My brother will be very happy because of your visit.
Oppa! I'm here.
Are you alright?
Now I box very well.
I'm confident to box with you.
Ah, a friend of yours also came to visit you.
You should say hi to him.
Do you remember Han-Sae, Oppa?
Are you glad to see him?
He treats me very well.
Oppa! You should say something.