Weekly Dive: Whale You Be My Valentine?

Uploaded by OneWorldOneOcean on 13.02.2012

Hello, I'm Sarah and this is the weekly dive.
We are proud to announce that, after recent city council meetings, our hometown of Laguna
Beach and neighboring Dana Point have passed Plastic Bag Bans. Yes!
The Ocean is becoming an increasingly noisy place because of human activity and there
is a lot of evidence to show that this is harmful for marine animals like whales and
dolphins, which depend on sound for navigating, communicating and hunting.
A new study on right whales has shown that the low sounds made by ships, which fall in
the same frequency range as the whale's calls, cause an increase in stress hormones in the
whales. This is the first time that scientists have found that whales have a physiological
response to sound pollution.
Did you know that right whales got their name because in the olden days of whaling they
were the easiest to hunt?
Right whales are slow swimmers and they have a thick layer of blubber, which makes them
more buoyant. This was attractive to whalers because other species tended to sink after
they where harpooned.
Will you be singing a song to woo your valentine this year? If so, you wont be alone. Many
cetacea have mating calls, which they use to find and attract a mate.
Thanks for joining us on the Weekly Dive. We'll see you next time.