Fieldsports Britain - Wily coyotes, Shot Show kit and record big game hunting (episode 164)

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Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up we are kicking up a storm in the desert here
at the Shot Show in Nevada USA. We are meeting one of the US's TV brightest hunting starts,
it is Jason Bruce of Headhunters Chronicles and finding out whether or not he is the real
First, bigger than foxes, we're calling in coyotes in California.
You might think California is all about roller blading, margaritas and reconstructive surgery
but no! There's normal stuff too.... like heading out on a cold morning with a rifle
and a fox pro... and some new friends
I'm joining Jason Bruce - a well known face on the USA's sportsman's channel, with his
headhunter chronicles, but more about him later. American coyotes are bigger than British
foxes, and the American response is proportionate. We flood the area with men and machines. Also
out today are Jason's hunting buddy Jerad and his 11 year old son Kodee, who has a micro
sized .17 hmr with him.
I've been promised the chance of finally seeing an animal I've heard many times, the coyote.
Our first port of call is land behind Jason's house. The large mounds of earth where we're
taking cover are excavation scars from the gold prospectors - the forty-niners of the
American gold rush. The mining tailings make great cover for coyote hunters. Jason hopes
that we will get a quick win, but after 10 minutes we cash our chips and move on.
The last few days have actually been really colder than normal for this area and we haven't
had any luck. But we are going to keep sitting and try a few more spots.
Our next piece of ground is more inviting, even though the sign suggests otherwise. There's
400 acres of pasture land that Jason's friend has just bought. By all accounts it is virgin
territory, and the frozen footprints are a good sign.
It doesn't take long for Jason to spot movement to our left which has spooked the cattle - I
get ready antcipating a coyote coming from the left. Darn the varmint pops up straight
in front of us. It's about 100 yards away - I hit it and it drops on the spot..
That is pretty cool. They consider it a varmint here, but I consider it a lot of fun. The
coyote population has exploded throughout the United States.
We have got to get some of them in the UK......
It is just fine art when you call them in. A lot of comes another one........
Jerad adds a few calls of his own to the coyote cub distress call to try and keep this second
coyote in play and it curls round to us. This one is about 80 yards and I hit it hard but
low - it runs 20 yards and holes up under a bush. Our young sportsman is keen to get
after it and make sure it's not suffering. Kodie follows the blood trail and we work
though the rough stuff. This youngster keeps his head and makes the shot.
It's not often I get a chance to pull the trigger on camera.
Time for the debrief.
They were both together, they came in the once just standing there, the first one you
shot was just standing there looking at you, looking at the call and when you shot the
other one went away. Then Jerad hit his call button and changed it to the pup in distress
and it brought that one back. It is good. These things are not hunted at all. We don't
hunt this property much. All the places we went this morning we keep just for fun. We
don't hammer them too hard. So these dogs weren't really familiar with the gun shots.
It went in right where you shot him. And you hit him, it went right in and went right out.
It did its job. They are tough.
The other coyote is a real beauty.
So what do you do with the coats. In the UK we mostly throw our foxes away, unless there
is a demand for the skin. What happens to this, this is a lovely looking animal.
You could take this to the taxidermis and have this mounted, or a lot of people just
get the pelts. Take it to the taxidermis, they will tube it out and have it tanned for
you and a lot of the coyote guys like to collect them.
Is there a market for skins.
There is a market. The fur market is pretty big now in the US. It came back in the last
few years. You see a lot of your movie stars and that kind of stuff wearing coyote, lynx,
bobcat. You hear about it. It is a good hide. To me, you coming in from the UK, this is
kind of an iconic American animal. You know in the desert and in the west you hear it
howling and that kind of stuff, I am sure you hear about that kind of stuff so its probably
fun for you to come out and shoot them.
It certainly is.
The round I used was a .257 and it certainly had plenty of put down power.
It is a really good deer round. It is a little bit big for these coyote here.
But it does the job.
It obviously does the job very well.
If guys are really particular in saving their hides, they would definitely shoot smaller
guns .22/50's and stuff like that, .57's you can shoot it really far too as long as you
don't have any big winds and stuff like that. It is a good gun.
One rifle with a little less power but nonetheless used with great skill is Kodee's .17HMR.
My most exciting hunting experience was when I shot my first coyote.
What happened.
Well, we went to call and then the coyote came in with another one and then I shot it.
There are plenty of excuses to visit California and this is just another one.
Now Roy Lupton is of course the gold standard of varminting, but Roy mine is bigger than
If you want to see some of our other American films click on the link. Now someone else
with the call of the wild it's David on the Fieldsports Channel news stump.
This is Fieldsports Britain News.
The RSPCA has been summoned to meet the head of the charity watchdog after the David Cameron
hunt prosecution. The animal welfare charity, which has become an animal rights charity
in recent years, has to explain to Charity Commission chairman William Shawcross its
prosecutions in general and, in particular, the recent £330,000 it blew on the Heythrop
In the battle over gun ownership versus the gun ban in the USA, the NRA is taking no prisoners.
It has announced 19th January as its "Gun Appreciation Day".
Without any direction people are organising street rallies, visits to the range. It refocuses
the thing that there is a good side to guns and good people would like to call attention
to it.
Do you love snakes? Hundreds have signed up for Florida's 2013 snake hunt The intrepid
hunters - almost all amateurs - are out to reduce numbers of non-native giant Burmese
pythons which grow up to 20ft long. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
has organised the hunt has offered a bounty of $1,000 for the largest snake and $1,500
for the hunter who dispatches the most snakes before the closing deadline on February 13.
Back in the UK and Browning is to sponsor the Deer Branch of the National Gamekeepers'
Organisation. The NGO says that its stalker members account for more than 50 per cent
of the entire deer cull carried out in England and Wales. To launch the sponsorship, Browning
has donated an X-Bolt rifle, worth more than £900, for a prize draw open to both members
and non-members. Visit
Do you want a free day of shooting lessons? You'll have to buy a gun. The Oxford Gun Company
is offering a day course worth £160 with every high grade Miroku or Browning sold.
Offer ends at the end of February 2013. Visit
And finally, viral video of the week goes to this girl who filmed this man, a local
angler called Ryan Reynolds, feeding fish on a jetty in Florida. Of course, you can't
trust anything not to be CGI these days but it's entertaining, whether or not it's real.
Reel - geddit?
You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts.
Now we are here at the Shot Show in the USA looking at things which make a bigger bang
than ever before.
The Shot Show is a five day festival of shooting on a site the size of 15 superstores. Let's
start with some of the whackier innovations. This, as far as I can tell, is a useful device
for emptying your gun of cartridges if you can't be bothered to take them out manually.
Just stick it in there and go bang, bang, bang. Over here....over here is an uplifting
idea providing support for concealed carry. For the man too lazy to hold his own gun,
you line it up and pull the trigger. Now for some trick shooting and some even trickier
shotgun shells. Let's head for the desert.
Steel shot is less instant lead. So we are always looking to get more pellets in a unit
volume of a shotgun cartridge and round pellets have point to point contact with a lot of
empty air space in there so they don't have very big, what you call packing density. There
are a lot of voids in there. So we figured what happens if you make them more like cubes,
so they would stack better, more efficiently and not have that empty air space. So we have
a heavy pay load, but we are also giving more velocity. So both worlds are better now.
Who needs an elastoplast. How many times have you risked getting on a plane or a train without
one of these. Now let's go to the desert to see ways of finding out where you are missing
those clays.
It is called the Winchester AA Traacker. What is unique about it is it is a new technology
we developed in the actual ward of the cartridge. Someone who is learning how to shoot clay
targets, this is a spectacular training load that helps the person see the ward which also
tracks with the shot stream.
Here is one way to get the decoys closer to the ducks, make them bigger. Now we are back
out in the desert to find out ways of bringing your game closer to you.
So our new Conquest HT5 line and our old Conquest line is a three time zoom and this is a new
five time zoom. Has our HT glass in it, T stars codings and it is a really great product
for us as well.
Why does this suit the American market so well.
So much flexibility in a five time zoom scope, two and a half to ten, three to 15, it is
just really, really flexible. A perfect scope for the American market.
Zombies are still a theme here at the Shot Show and even Zeiss has brought out a product,
thanks to some clever coating.
The Shot Show isn't all dull, dull, dull. I did have some fun out in the desert.
One more click where....which one......that one. ......I've got it. The automatic version.
Oh marvellous, we should get these in the UK. They are very good.
Earlier on we introduced you to Jason Bruce who has gone from being a regular guy running
a construction company with a passion for hunting the world over to becoming a major
US network, TV Star.
It is the second to the last day of Jason's big horn hunt here in Mexico.....
He has become Jason Bruce almighty with his own series Headhunter Chronicles. We visit
him at home to find out a little bit about this world record holder.
We have found a ram and are trying to get close to him.......
So Jason you have recently been trying to sell your house. You have sold your house,
but when they came into this room the buyers must have been rather surprised.
Yes, they were pretty surprised. They saw the photos and I was actually worried that
people would come just to see the animals. They were definitely hunters and they could
appreciate the room.
They are going to have their work cut out to fill it with this quality of trophy aren't
Yes, there are lot of memories in this room and they will definitely have their work cut
out. But that is what is fun about it. Travelling the world, shooting the animals, seeing new
animals, seeing the culture. I am just out of room I need a bigger place.
You are going to build your own museum now.
Yes we are going to try and make it towards like a museum. All the animals will be separate
from our living quarters and people can come and see and hang out or whatever. If we have
get togethers we can utilise the trophy room for that kind of entertainment and stuff.
He is a great ram, a lot heavier than I thought and he smells like a sheep. I love the smell
of sheep.
You have also turned this into a job as well as a personal passion as you are the star
of Headhunter Chronicles on Sportsman Channel here in the US.
Yes, I have never considered it a job, it is a passion and it was just something that
happened by accident. It is actually a true passion, it is fun. It is entertainment and
I will build my own legacy.
It is a dream job. People are going to feel jealous.
For sure.
The bow hunting side of it fascinates me. You have got some world records here haven't
Yes, I have ended up with SEI. I have never had the opportunity to shoot North American
world records. That would be really tough. It would be really exciting to be able to
do that, but I do have seven SEI world records and I think 11 or 12 SEI top tens with the
What have you got from the SEI.
I have the Nile buffalo from out of Uganda. I have the Orby that was from Uganda and the
east African bush duiker from Uganda. I have the seeker deer out of New Zealand which was
a non typical. I have the hog deer out of Australia which was a non typical. I have
the sandbar out of New Zealand and then the Nile bush buck.
Ok so can you show me here how you practice to shoot a lion.
Yes, I can take you outside. I have lion targets set up. Coyote targets. We are just fortunate
to have a little green belt next to our subdivision and I put targets up and practice all the
time. It is practice, practice, practice.
First things first and we need to mount the target. I am sure there is a better way, but
it is upright.
Right that coyote is doing exactly what we would have liked them to have done this morning.
Yes, let's see if we can knock him over.
Oh......I didn't know that was a two piece coyote.
After that display let's remind ourselves of more wholesome family entertainment. Jason
tells me about his show.
Now you are really thinking with the TV show about what you want to do but you also need
to think a bit about the audience. Do they want to see bow hunting.
Yes, there is a huge audience out there that bow hunts. It is taking off. It is big in
the industry, the products, all the stuff, the gadgets and getting close to the animals,
the sprays the camos. It is a huge industry.
Just as George Digweed helps to develop shotgun cartridges, Jason has been instrumental in
bringing new arrow head designs to market.
On contact it is forced open and three blades come out and the way they are forced with
the piston they have to open no matter what happens and you will have three cutting edges.
So at the moment it touches the skin here it flicks out so basically it does everything
that a big broad head bow would do anyway.
Yes and now you have field point accuracy with the broad head.
Now I did ask whether Jason would show me how to shoot a lion with a bow and blow me
down here is one a 100 yards away in his back yard. So can he hit it, yes he can.
Now from a mighty television personality to rather more humble TV. The best of hunting,
shooting and fishing on Youtube. It is Hunting YouTube.
This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos
that YouTube has to offer.
Definitely an American slant this week. JB sends us his video showcasing upland bird
hunting in Michigan, USA. Nine men with five GoPro cameras arrive at what he calls the
promised land for an annual bird-shooting camp. You will see ruffed grouse and woodcock
and you will hear some cuss words.
Our viewer StripyMcCatpuss recommends Logan Blasting Mallards guncam by locknloadvideo.
It's an American duck-shooting bonanza with the commentary of a maniac but some good shooting.
Next it's Brits abroad. Young Countryman's Channel founders, two British lads, Charles
and Ben, are shooting whitetail deer and quail in Alabama. You will see good shooting and
pick up insights into how the next generation do things in both America and Britain. Keep
it up, Charles and Ben.
More Brits Stateside. Nicky Brown of Wilderness TV, who also makes films for us, is float
fishing the proper way on the Yakima River, Washington State, USA. It's big-river, big-current,
even big-wind flyfishing for rainbow trout. It is of course, beautifully made, as you
would expect from a Fieldsports Channel cameraman, and it's a good story well told about this
kind of angling.
For a different kind of angling, let's leave America and look at Extreme fishing saltwater
fishing cod fishing Husavik Iceland. Someone who looks a lot like a blonde Bjork is hauling
them in in filthy weather and clearly enjoying herself.
The Rathcormac Gun Club from Cork, Ireland, has put out this film from ten years ago,
before even the days of YouTube. Set to wistful Celtic-sounding music, Pheasant & Duck Release
Program 2002 shows a spot of summer gamekeeping to lighten the dark days of January.
TheHunting Tubber - yes that's his real channel name - sends us this well-made video showing
highlights of driven wild boar shooting in Belgium. Set to the Pirates of the Caribbean
music, he can't spell but he can film.
Finally, here's an ambitious film from England but I think he pulls it off. Dog Cam - A Driven
Pheasant Day from a Dogs' Perspective comes with the admission that the second half is
better. The Four Ashes has stuck a GoPro camera on his dog, Rob, for some retrieving, which
he cuts in and out of film from a camera he is holding. Rob turns out to be a good retriever
and not a bad cameraman. Look out Nicky Brown.
You can click on any of these films to watch them. If you have a YouTube film you would
like us to pop in to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube, or email me the link
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