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The 2012 London Olympics are underway. The opening ceremonies were a star-studded show
with lots of rock and roll mixed with Shakespeare and even some movie magic. The next 17 days
promise to be filled with athleticism and the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
It’s going to be magic!
Samsung, the world's largest technology company by revenue, reported another record-high quarterly
profit of 5.2 trillion won or $4.5 billion as customers flocked to Galaxy smartphones.
While there is a slowdown in TVs and personal computers, sales of Galaxy S3 and Note helped
fight off competition from Apple’s iPhone.
Another international story of human triumph that is underway this summer is 320 million
kilometers away from London—it’s happening on Mars. NASA’s nuclear-powered rover named
Curiosity will land on the red planet August 6th. Will it be able to go from 5,900 meters
per second to zero in 7 minutes? It going to be a nail biter!
Samsung and Apple are squaring off again over patent infringement claims. This time it’s
in the U.S. and plenty of mud is being thrown by both sides. Apple says that Samsung has
slavishly copied its mobile device technology and Samsung says Apple only started selling
its products after copying Samsung patents. Stay tuned.
Elderly North Korean veterans pledged loyalty to their youthful leader in Pyongyang during
Korean War armistice commemorations July 27th, an annual event being closely watched after
Kim Jong Un reshuffled the military and revealed he’s married.
An OB/GYN doctor in Gyeonggi Province is setting an example of selfless philanthropy and dedication
that we can all learn from and emulate. Dr. Gilya Lee’s foundation serves society by
enhancing the quality of life through medicine, education, journalism, and culture. She is
an inspiration to all and a worthy role model for Korea’s youth.