Flores en el parque/Flowers at the Park by Mariel Macia (w/ English subtitles)

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Flowers at the Park (or first kisses)
Are you ANA?
OK, I´m sorry, I was waiting for someone called Ana
Yes, it`s me!
I mean… I am ANA
Oh, I understood that you were not…
Well, then, I am LOLA
This is for you
Ok … and why?
I don´t know, it´s just a gift
But I´m not a lesbian
No? ... no?
Well, a bit, but …
but we can talk about it later, ok?
Sure, whenever you want
Well, actually, I like women,
some of them, don´t you think that I like all of them,
just few of them, very few
What are you laughing at?
I´m not laughing
Does it sound funny what I´m saying?
No, not at all
Look, maybe this is not a good idea
Aren´t you going to say something?
What do you want me to say?
Something, I don´t know,
don´t you want me to stay?
Yes, sure
I actually want you to do what you feel like doing
you are supposed to be the one that knows how these things go
See you tomorrow?
Ok, tomorrow here at six o'clock
You haven´t brought me a flower today
No, I´m sorry, do you want one?
No, it doesn´t matter
Next time we meet I´ll bring you one
No, that´s not necessary
You didn´t connect to the chat yesterday - No
I was waiting for you,
to see if we could talk about yesterday
And … what happened yesterday?
Our kiss
Ah, yes, the kiss,
I was thinking about that
and I think it´s better that you don´t do those things in public
But you kissed me
Why do you think that I´ve kissed you?
why? Because you kissed me
Look, I think that you misinterpreted it
But … how can a kiss be misinterpreted?
You gave it to me, you approached me and kissed me
But please, don´t raise your voice, people can hear you
Maybe you are right and this is not a good idea
Hold on,
ok, You are right, I´ve kissed you
Look … I was thinking the whole night if I was going to come today
and as you can see, I´m here
You don´t have to be here if you don’t want to
I know, I know
I want this
Without kisses
It´s my first time, you know?
With women I mean, with boys I´ve been several times,
well not so many times, but … but I´ve been with them
It´s obvious that … you know …
I really analyze the people when they speak
and you have gone out with more people, with…
I don´t know how many, but many women
That I have more experience - Yes
Well, but I don´t have that much experience,
it´s just I take it in a relax and natural way
I also take it in a natural way,
and I´m relaxed.
Ok, then, I should go now. Bye.
Ana … can we meet tomorrow?
what are we going to do?
I don´t know, we can go to the cinema,
or to drink something, what do you like to do?
This week I am very busy, I don´t think I can meet you,
besides, the cinema is a bit far away.
We can go to the cinemas that are at the city centre
I don’t like the ones at the city centre. They don´t have sloped seats
and when a tall person seats in front of you, you can´t see anything
We can have a drink in a terrace
Do you like hot weather or what? No, no
Ana, we can go at 9 or 10 pm that the sun is already gone
Look, this week I´m really busy,
I don´t think I´ll have enough time, besides,
I´m waiting for a job and I won’t be able…
I don´t know, we can leave it for later on
It´s ok, if you don´t want to see me again
No, yes, I want to see you, It´s just that I can´t
Maybe you can try to fit me into your agenda
Later on, in two weeks time or maybe tomorrow, or…
Tomorrow it´s great
Ok, see you tomorrow then
I´ve not forgotten to bring you a flower today
You are easy to convince.
Are you used to give flowers to everyone or what?
Sometimes, if there is someone that I am interested in
Have you met many people on the internet?
I don´t like to meet the people on the internet very much
Why? - Because they lie
But you also lie, don´t you? - No, I usually don´t lie
And … what do you talk about?
Well, it doesn’t matter, does it?
It´s just, well,
I think that me and you don´t have anything in common
But … what are you talking about?
How many women have you slept with?
Few ones
But how many? Just a number - I don´t know, few ones.
But do you remember how many are they or not?
Of course I remember
Lola … What do I mean to you?
Ana, we´ve just known each other
But you want to fuck me.
That´s the reason you´re here, isn´t it?
You are crossing the line don´t you think?
But do you want to fuck me or not?
Actually, in this particular moment I don´t want it at all
Hold on.
Tomorrow I will be here around six.
I wouldn´t have come but here I am
They were 7.
7 women whom I went to bed with and if I want to see you
is not only because I want to go to bed with you
You should have known me in other circumstances.
I´m much more better person when I´m not a scared bitch
Do I still have a chance?
Yes, of course
I´ve brought you something.
Do you like it? -Yes
Hold on, I pick up this things first
But are you going to connect to the chatroom again?
Do not start again Ana
No, no, no. It doesn´t matter. I was just asking
Why did you say to me you were blond?
Oh, well, because I thought that you would like me more
But I like dark-hair women - Ok
Do you fell embarrassed? - No, no.
It´s just it ruins the hair, it burns the tops,
the dye I mean, I prefer to stay with dark hair
And, what other lies have you said to me?
nothing else,
well, actually I don´t have a cat
Oh, Ana
And my name is not Ana