Google Docs: Planning a Wedding

Uploaded by Google on 17.12.2009


JEN: Hi, I'm Jen.
I'm a university programs coordinator
at Google New York.
JEFF: And I'm her fiance, Jeff.
Jen's really done a great job planning the wedding.
JEN: When we were setting up our guest list for our
wedding, we didn't have everyone's mailing address.
We thought either we could send emails to everyone, copy
and paste, or retype everyone's mailing address.
When you have 200 guests coming to a wedding, that's
not really scalable.
The easiest way was to make something and let everyone
fill it in themselves, which is how Google Spreadsheets
came into play.
We created a spreadsheet.
And then we created a form that linked from the
In the form, we had fields like title, first name, last
name, address, phone number, and comment box.
We sent out this form via email to all of our friends
and family.
They could access this form right from their email inbox.

Once they hit submit, we had their mailing address, their
phone number, right in our spreadsheet.
Just like that, we had all the information we needed to send
out our invitations.
It really required very little time on our end to make
changes or updates.
JEFF: Now when it's time to send out our invitations, we
won't be making those hundreds of calls and sending out
individual emails.