All In korean drama Episode 4 올인

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Episode 4
How are your stays?
It's fun
I love this smell
How do you know him?
Chairman Seung-Don Suh
I have no past remaining with me
I've forgotten it
By any chance, did you see a person walking out of a chapel?
No, I haven't
I've seen him somewhere
Is it a man?
Was he good looking?
He had unforgettable eyes
How come I didn't see him?
Having unforgettable eyes are my thing...
Well, I'm glad you're not a sister
You like too many guys to love god only
Let's drink
For In-Ha Kim, coming back from his 7 years of service
I, the officer in charge of crimes of violence will pay
Drink up Good, good
In-Ha, you'll never guess how much I've missed you
I've dreamt about you everyday
Idiot, you're being pathetic
You seem much slimer than the last time we visited
We should get you some restoratives
Lass... you're starting again with sounding like my wife
Hey, I am your wife That's why I sound like one
What does your father do?
Why do you ask? Want some fish-cake?
It's OK You go ahead
What? No appetizer when drinking?
Should I give you some soup for it?
I'm fine
Why are you so distressed when In-Ha is finally out?
I'm just happy
After sending him to jail
I couldn't live comfortable for one single day
Come on... May be you can fool Jesus but not me
I've seen it all You seemed perfectly fine
I may seem as what you saw but
my heart was breaking inch by inch
No wonder your heart is breaking Drinking that thing everyday?
For once, could you just play it along?
Fine, fine... you've suffered Suffered for good
No wonder your hair is all fallen apart
I remember you having some hair then
But now, I can mirror myself to it
I'll get you someday, you hear?
What the...
You're lucky that it's light wounded
Would he get any scar?
Thank you
Who was the fucker?
Don't know
What? Anyone suspicious?
I'll get him, trust me
Tell me what he looked alike, his dress, hair
and his age
Tae-Joon, He's fine
Are you really alright?
You should thank god for being lucky
Keep your head out of it
Even if you find out who he is, just forget about it
Don't do anything silly, like taking revenge
If something goes wrong again
there'll be no jail for you
and we'll be all fried
I'm sorry
Bad Uniform 2 black marks
Your stocking What number of coffee color is it?
It's the number 2
Our regulation is to wear number 1 only Didn't you know?
From now on
with your techniques acquired during class
we'll take performance test
If anyone is under the limit of standard hour
you'll remain in the class for further education
We have 200 various colors of chips
Sort them by colors
The time limit is 48 seconds
56 seconds
3 black marks
Color miss 2 black marks
Next, spin test
The time limit is 20 seconds
If you're below the limit, you'll receive 1 minus points per second
Soo-Yeon Min
18 seconds
2 minus points
Soo-Yeon Min Mi-Jung Yang
Lastly, you'll be sitting foreign language test
Don't mind me and continue
Assuming the customer has asked to explain the game rules
explain clearly to the customer of playing this game
Mi-Jung Yang English
This game is called roulette
as you see, there are marked number...
Soo-Yeon Min
This game is called roulette
as you can see, the number 0 to 36 are on the table
and the same numbers are mixed on this wheel
Okay, Japanese
We roll the ball and the number that the ball drops, wins
You'll have to bet on
predictable number of your choice, before we begin rolling
Where shall we go on this Sunday
to the river...
- Mr. - Huh?
Where's In-Ha?
It seems he's having fun sleeping
He's inside doing so
Hey, this...
What is it?
It's restorative
Just this morning, I had my fortune of the day
and it showed unexpected gain
I guess it was all for this restorative, huh?
Thank you... I've always considered you as my daughter
Thank you so much
Um... that's for In-Ha
for a young fellow like In-Ha, getting a good meal is enough
You don't know
If you've been servicing long time in the prison, you should suspect your health first
That's the reason why In-Ha is sleeping so much
So tell him to take it twice a day, ok?
I'll tell him
Where are you going again at this hour?
I'm gonna see my friends
Hey... stop cruising around and
think about things like how you'll be living your life
or what can you do to service for your society, alright?
Don't worry I'll earn heaps
and pay you back all the suffering while I was in prison
If something ever happens to you again
I won't live up to my real life
Hey, In-Ha
That's the one
where, where?
Hey, that chimney the one with chimney
Yong-Tae one, two, three
Everybody freeze!
What the?
You fucker I'll have you killed
You idiot keep your heads down!
Don't touch the money! Don't
Get out of here, hurry
Go, go!
Hey, detective Lee and detective Cho
Yes, sir
- Get the evidence, hurry - Yes, sir
You old missis
Hey, you outside! Don't move! don't move!
Keep your heads down, you bastard
I just can't believe these old missis
Your husband is out there working his ass off
to put food in the table
and would you still say, you're doing the right thing?
You, keep your face down, face down
We've got it all
- We've taken over - Ok, good work
I'm into this pain because of you
Good work detective Lee and detective Cho Return to your station
- Be careful - Woman, keep your head down
Missis, missis, give me all the money you hid hurry up!
You old missis
Think about your children at home
What are you going to tell them, huh?
To your own kids, huh?
Sir, situation has resolved
- All cleared? - Yes
- Good work - Thank you
Let's get all the evidence and escort them back to the station
Yes, sir All secured
Take them all outside Stand up
What is this? huh?
Stakes are 5,400,000 Won, correct?
Hey, Tae-Joon Everything settled?
You idiot I'm counting
and if I was settled, would I be doing this shit?
and bastards who get caught doing gambling
their crimes get heavier as the stakes get higher
Hang on then
We've lowered the stakes so
it's like win-win situation, huh?
guess so... hey, Yong-Tae
you're getting this, aren't you?
now, where was I?
Hey, In-Ha
been here long?
No, we just got here
you guys should've ordered some meats
Waitress, give us some meats
Yeah, on a full dish, please
What is this?
It's not much
but have it
Sick bastards... You're in no place to give me money
take it
it's not much but it'll help out on your new beginning, ok?
I think I'm gonna cry
I know how you guys feel and I'll accept that
but not this. Put it back
I'm not gonna say it again
Alright, alright
You've been decomposed for 7 years and you still have your temper
Si-Bong You take it
Yeah, take it
In-Ha, what are your plans for the future?
I gotta make some money
with what?
I guess you guys didn't know
but I have 3 certificate of qualifications from the prison
bakery... woodwork... decoration...
I'm great at making doors
and decorating... you can count on me
Just call me if you need to have little work done on your furnitures
Hey... you're ruining my taste
I'm not gonna pull you guys back, you hear?
I'll make my food into the table so don't worry
I'm sorry
I'm confident with everything
but with you... owning so much...
I just don't know where to begin
I'm fine, I'm no owner of anything you've done
but if you still feel that way
I'll consider that it's been paid back
so let it go
You go ahead
What? I thought we were going for a second stop?
I'm going to stop by at some place... you go ahead
- Bastard - Where did he go?
You, go this way Hurry up
There he is
Hold it! You bastard
Bastard Freeze!
You fuck Bastard
You bastard
Stop! You fuck
In-Ha, Kim!
Consider yourself lucky, you bastard
When you're out, be prepared to visit Dae-Chi
With my own hands, I'll take you to Dae-Chi, I promise
Even if you find out who he is, just forget about it
Don't do anything silly, like taking revenge
If something goes wrong again
there'll be no jail for you
and we'll be all fried
What brings you here?
Remember you asking me who's stabbed me?
You know who it is?
It was Dae-Soo Yim's guys
That son of bitch! I'll have him go to jail, right now
Calm yourself down and sit
Dae-Soo Yim is still in the prison
and if you get involved, everything will get even more complicating
If he was to send someone to
stab you, it's a way of saying that he'll kill you
What are you gonna do about it?
I'm thinking of leaving
until everything calms down I'll leave
If it was me alone, I'll do whatever it takes
then I'll make my uncle suffer the painful years again
I'm not gonna do that
I used to wet myself in a shower
without bothering when I was a kid
but it's regretful thing to do
shower should be something that you avoid
Do you have a place to go?
I guess it'll be easy for you to find a person since you're a cop
Why? Looking for someone?
You remember projectionist Min's daughter?
Oh yeah... I know who she is
But I don't remember her face
Soo-Yeon Min
Find her for me
I've heard that you've been good to my people
when I was away
I thank you
Between you and me?
There is no need to thank me
We should help each other out, my friend
I'll do anything, Mr. Chairman
Anything, you say...?
Do you really mean that?
Give me your instruction
Well... I'm starting to feel sick in this slot machine business
So... I'd like to undertake a casino
Will you help?
But that's out of my reach
Of course... it's not an easy task
Seung-Don Suh has been monopolizing it for more than a decade
and there are powerful politicians who backs him up
I guess there'll be no chance for me to squeeze in
But... may be...
if Seung-Don Suh was not around...
it's worth trying... wouldn't it?
Pass him few slot machine houses for him to run
Yes, sir
Who was that?
Well... no need for you to care
Oh, when did Jung-Won say he was coming back?
Legendary business man, such as Steve Win and William Bennet were introduced
in the transformation period of Las Vegas in the 1980s
It had been a dope town but it's converted itself into a leisure, family, and event town
Okay, that concludes our lecture for today
And don't forget your mid-term papers are due next class
Isn't it illegal to have a job with student visa?
It's not for money, it's for my experience
Do you still have that $10,000 chip with you?
Of course
Is your word still valid? That if I spend a night with you, you'll give me that chip?
What is your most shameful memory
in your life?
I don't really have one...
Oh, I do
My mother past away when I was 12
I had no tears for her
Everybody else cried
I was the only one without a tear so I was shameful
I left...
a friend in a prison, getting out by myself
I even left my crime against him
and ran away
may be...
he'll still be in that prison
Another would be...
My father kneeled down in front of a guy
with me standing behind him
I had an eye contact with that guy's daughter
Those stares...
gave me a terrible shame
Do you remember?
It feels funny to learn
that things I haven't even realized
gave such heartache to someone...
Anyway, I guess it's still my fault
I'll take that memory with me
I hope this clears up
When are you leaving?
I had fun
Let our relationship die as of last night
That... is your tip for making me feel great
Fine Go
Where ever you go, if that makes you safe
I'll be fine
But promise me one thing
Do not get your hand on to Korean card
And don't get any ideas of doing one big time
That's where all the trouble begins
Hoping for a one big time...
Turns out to be no penny in a pocket
It's the life I had as a trickster
Why are you look so surprised?
How did you do this? What is this?
This? It's nothing
Hey, let's go
You look great
Want one?
- No thanks - No?
Well, then
Take it
Let's give it a toast!
Cheers Good to see you
Director Han has been looking for you for some time now
Just say you didn't see me
Hey, Jong-Ku, Yoo!
What the hell are you doing?
I told you not to take the limousine out dozen times, haven't I?
I just borrowed it, that's all Besides, no one is using it
- You...! - Come on!
I'll see you when I get back
Go to the airport
I try to be gentlemen for a change and he's not helping
What do you do here?
Well... Let's get inside
That was my first time seeing a casino
I've went to dozen gambling houses since I was 6
but I never dreamt of this world's existence
To me, gambling was
always on the run
and people who gather around
were criminals called gamester
but casino was different
everything was liberal and dignified
That to me, was a new world
Anything unusual?
I'll keep an eye on it from here You go ahead
Yes, sir
- Take care - Yes, sir
We're monitoring whole casino with these 80 cameras
This one. This is called the 'Black Jack'
And you see that thing going around? That's called 'Roulette'
Underneath is 'Baccarat'
And with that white-board, it's called the dice
The natives are not allowed in
so all the people who are playing are foreigners
In-Ha, let me introduce you to
our great Director Han
How do you do I'm In-Ha, Kim
This is the guy that I was telling you about
You... How do you feel about working here?
a relapsed criminal
So what?
If I assure your identity, no problem
didn't I tell you? He's great
Let me see you
Wonderful to have you back
Mr. In-Ha, Kim
Number 3 monitor
No wonder it's been quiet...
- Take care - Yes, sir
You know the thing we were talking about?
- Let's just have one game - No
Man... We are planned to win
One of them is the owner of stock farm
and the other one is an idiot from Seoul
It's like we go and pick up money
I said no
You're driving me crazy
when I say something, you look into my eyes and answer, ok?
Mr. In-Ha Kim, telephone
Thank you,
This is In-Ha speaking
Ok, thanks I owe you
You... You...
You're really terrible
You're making your team lose, man
What do you know about soccer, Mr.?
Hey, you know a person named Soo-Yeon Min?
She's also called by a name Angela
Who are you?
Why are you looking for Angela?
Is she here or not?
She's not here
Where did she go?
I don't know Pass the ball here
Why are you looking for Angela?
I must see her
She's... Ieft
Do you know where she went?
Sorry... then...
Isn't it funny?
- Us... - It's them who're evil
Yeah, so unlucky
Sun-Sook, Yu and Keum-Ja, Yang call for Black Jack
Mi-Jung Yang and Jeong-Hee, Cha call for Roulette
Who are you?
I'm a new dealer Soo-Yeon, Min
You came?
Miss instructor
I'm no longer your instructor, call me manager
Gather up
Greet our new dealer
How do you do I'm Soo-Yeon, Min
So it's you? Who got picked out of a sand?
I'm a new dealer Soo-Yeon, Min
I'm Jin-Hee, Suh
I'm also new here
I'm Jung-Won, Choi
I've specialized in hotel management at Nevada State University
I've studied casino at
game laboratory near construction
You two... it's your first day, right?
- Yes - Yes
Be good
I've seen many people like you
A new dealer ruining our reputation
I've seen it many times
Please don't treat me the same
I'm different to others
Soo-Yeon, Min call for Black Jack
Jin-Hee, Suh call for Roulette
- How did I do? - You did well
You'll be fine so don't be so tense
Good Afternoon
Check Now, we're opening
Anything unusual?
Number 5 monitor get a close view on the customer
Number 5 monitor
I've had the report that Michael Jang has appeared at
the casino in Jungmun Hotel
Michael Jang?
He's a Korean gambler with residents in America
playing around Las Vegas, Atlanta
and Monte Carlo
He's a high roller betting millions of dollars in just one night
He's set the record of winning more than 10 million dollars
on a single night at Las Vegas
10 million dollars?
What's the situation now?
He hasn't revealed his identity yet
and is playing on a low amount of Black Jack
but he'll ask for higher betting rate
with change in game to Baccarat
Let him have his wish
Yes... yes... I understand
Accept his offers for the higher betting rate
Is there any other request?
He's chosen the dealer
Dealer named Soo-Yeon, Min
She's new to join in the table today
Accept it
Yes, sir
The reason he's assigned you as a dealer
is because he knows that you're new
You'll be handling a big game with thousands of money
but try to calm yourself down and do as you were told in class
Hyo-Sung Take her place
Excuse me, I need to go to the rest room
It's like...
I think I'm gonna choke just by watching this monitor
I've seen many gamblers
but a monster like this one, is totally rare
One game that's less than a minute, he's betting for 10 millions
and he's eyes don't even twitch
Player Number 4 House on Banker
Card 4 Player Card four Bank
Player's Banker's
Player's Card
Banker Open
Banker Five
Player Natural Nine
Player Win
Player Win
How did it go?
Casino is losing 26 million dollars
I gotta see this person with my own eyes
Get ready
Yes, sir
Player Natural Eight
Player Win
Card 4 Player Card four Bank
Banker win
Player natural nine Player win
Player win
What the... Who is that?
Jong-Ku, Yoo Jong-Ku, Yoo
Find out why In-Ha Kim is in the main Baccarat room
Card 4 Player Banker
Card 4 Player Card four Bank
Player's Banker's
Player's Card
Banker open
Banker's changer 7
What's wrong?
Then you may leave
What are you doing?
What's going on?
Get him out of here
Let's go
Why did you go in?
I just wanted to see it
You're crazy
Casino is totally messed-up
Michael Jang is now winning 30 million
How much?
30 million
If a dealer loses, do they get the blame?
Not really, but it's a lot of money
She's lost 30 million I don't see a chance
Even Director Han is worried for his place
Anyway, I hear that dealer is new to this casino
I guess it's killing her too
Number 3, 4 monitor
It's about time to lose some concentration
but he's clean
He has perfect betting control
and he's never agitated
What the... That dealer...
Is she good enough for this kind of game?
Michael Jang has assigned the dealer
so we had no other choice
Assigned the dealer, huh?
Keep look into it. He'll have something
Yes, sir
Banker Number 4 House on player
Card for Player Card for Bank
Player's Banker's
Banker's Card