Scrapbooking Tutorial #24: Bottle Cap Magnet Gifts

Uploaded by Pages4theAges on 29.12.2012

Hi, everyone! Welcome to a special Christmas Pages4theAges.
On today's show, I will be showing you a bottle cap-scrapbooking hybrid project.
Join me after the break and I'll tell you the story of how scrapbooking saved my Christmas.
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The best way to capture memories and make them last a lifetime,
but how do you get started
without spending a fortune?
Pages4theages is here to help you out.
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring....
except for the scrapbooker who didn't have her presents done for her friends.
So, this year, um
one part of the Christmas gift that I wanted to give my friends
was this really cool bottle cap project.
While I was in Germany over the summer,
I was able to collect bottle caps.
Germany being the country of beer,
bottle caps were all over the place so
I collected the most unique ones and I turned them into very cute magnets.
So, I wanted to give these bottle caps to my friends,
but I wasn't sure how to package them.
Here were a couple of ideas I had.
Merry Christmas! I got you something and I put it in an envelope.
There you go.
Merry Christmas! Here you go!
Yeah, keep...keep digging.
Very, very bottom of the bag.
No, under that part too. Yeah! In the bottom.
You're Welcome.
Merry Christmas! I got you these....
bottle caps! They'
In the end, I decided that scrapbooking was a great way to create a packaging design
and this is how I did it.
So now you guys can see a close up of my finished product.
Um, Unfortunately it is almost the night before Christmas
so I didn't have a lot of time to put a lot of embellishments on it,
but this is the basic format and you guys can, I'm sure,
make it your own and add a lot more detail to the project.
Here's the supplies that you need for this very simple project:
A marker of some sort.
A pencil.
Some adhesive.
I am using my ATG which you can find out more about in this video right here.
A stencil is optional.
We are creating kind of a cool, scalloped tag
so if you have a die-cut machine or a Cricut
or a stencil that would help you out with that.
And then two pieces of cardstock.
So to get started, since I'm using the stencil method,
I'm going to just choose the...
second to smallest...oops!
Actually, the third to smallest or second to biggest stencil pattern on
this particular stencil and you can actually
buy this stencil very cheaply from
I will put a link to that in the detail information of this video.
You start off with a pencil, just outlining.
And it really doesn't matter that my pencil marks are on the paper because
nobody's going to see that part in the end.
You want to make sure that you really line up the bottom,
otherwise it tends to get really wonky.
I have very forgiving friends so they
don't get upset if it's not perfect.
Alright. Now that I have them,
I've made two side by side.
I'm going to go ahead and cut those out.
And viola!
I have cut out my tag, folded it in half
and then I had to trim around the edges
just to fix any mismatches.
Now, on the inside I like to put a different, um, style of paper.
This one has red polka dots on it.
This time I started with red and I'm just going to put a solid green
on the inside since it's Christmastime.
I'll just go with traditional colors.
So, the easiest way to get this piece of paper onto this tag is to simply overlap.
So, first I put down a good layer of adhesive.
I'll put this guy down on top.
Aaaand cut off the excess.
Now that that's done, I used my marker to write out the title:
"Bottle Caps - From Leipzig, Germany."
Once again, you can make this a whole lot more exciting and creative
with extra embellishments, um...
more paper, more layers.
It just so happens that I'm kind of in a bit of a rush.
Now the beauty of this, is that you can fit six magnets on.
So how I did this last time is
I put one in the middle...
and then on the second page
you put one bottle cap and it's not necessarily going to be centered,
but hopefully a little centered.
And then we've got,
two on this page
and two on the back.
And you have to align the two on this page
so that this one fits in the middle when it closes.
And like I said, if you have extra time
maybe you could make a cute little clasp
to hold this together,
but it makes just a simple little book and
I added my friends' names to the back of it.
So, very simple, but kind of a cool way
to show off those bottle cap magnets.
Thanks for joining me for another scrapbooking episode
here at
Merry Christmas and I hope you
have a Happy New Year!
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