Tamar Geller Dog-Training Tip #2

Uploaded by officialpeta on 25.10.2011

Hi, I’m Tamar Geller here, with some ideas on how to make your dog’s life as good as
it can be.
I understand what it’s like to be in a hurry. We all have jobs, families, and lots of obligations.
But when you take your dog for a walk, please remember one thing: It’s their walk. They’ve
been waiting all day or all night for you to take them outside and let them explore
the world, so please, don’t rush them through that experience. Let them go at their own
pace. Let them stop and sniff everything or roll in the grass or just sit still and enjoy
the sunshine if they want.
Never rush your dog or pull unnecessarily on the harness just because you’re in a
hurry. And by the way, leave your cell phone at home so you can give your dog your undivided
attention. This is your time to bond, not to return all your phone calls. Talk to your
dog instead. Make her feel special. Dogs understand up to 150 words: “walk,” “hike,” or
“close” are great to repeat when walking your dog. Say “friend” when meeting a
person or another dog.
One problem people have is when their dog won’t go to the bathroom for a really long
time while on a walk. Well, of course! The dog realizes that the moment he goes, you’ll
take him back and his walk will be over. So get up 15 minutes earlier and give that time
to your dog. Let him know that his walk is your time together?not a frantic, pre-work
We control so much of their lives?we decide when they eat, sleep, and pee, who they play
with and when, so make sure you give them nice long walks and hikes?and as many of them
as possible.
Now here’s today’s training tip or, as I prefer to call it, coaching tip: Never yank
your dog. Use words instead, such as “close” and
“leave it.” Dogs are smart and can understand you when you speak to them. Of course, you
want to teach your dog beforehand the meaning of the words you use. If your dog is a big
puller I would recommend a harness that is designed to stop pulling in addition to teaching
the new, fun behaviors.
This is Tamar Geller for PETA with tips on giving your dog the best life possible.