2012 UT Law Fall Hooding

Uploaded by UTKLaw on 20.12.2012


This has not been an easy process
for our graduates.
Law school is hard, it is very, very hard,
to say the least.
But today each one of you can bask
in the glory of your individual success and achievement.
Today is all about them, it's all about you.
Graduates, you should be proud of yourself and proud of each other.
As a result of your time here at the University of Tennessee College of Law you have unique skills.
Your degree is truly a golden ticket.
You have many career options with a law degree and as a lawyer.
It's been a long two and a half years and hard work, but I've loved every minute of it
at the University of Tennessee College of law, but it's kind of nice to see it wind down and come to an end.
Ohhh, it's wonderful.
This has beeb a long time in the process. I started in '07 and had a deployment in the middle, so
now that I've finally completed the degree it's great.
The accomplishment, being able to walk across in front of my parents and friends and get the hood and say I did it.
The people are the most important part. I got to meet a ton of really class "A" people,
and I have friends for life now
that came from school.
It's just great people and great times.
A big thing for me was pro bono, and i'm really grateful for all the pro bono opportunities that UT Law gave me.
You have earned this success and you deserve to bask in it -- soak it up.
Like Dean Blaze said, "Remember this day,"
remember who is here and think about those who helped you that aren't here.
As long as you take care of yourself and your reputation and do your part
to take care of our wonderful profession and help take care of those less fortunate,
you will have many successes to come.