Diary of a Dirty Tongue - Therapists Stink w/ Rhett and Link

Uploaded by curebadbreath on 04.04.2011

You don't know how to help me! You dont know how to help anybody! It's Morgan, the Orabrush tongue's weekly webcam, Youtube!
So apparently I'm self-centered and depressed.
At least thats what me therapist says... What are your therapists like?
I am still lonely and
everybody thinks that I stink.
Do you think that those two
might be related? NO!
I guess you could say that he is not the sharpest spoon in the drawer.
Are you suggesting that people dont want to be around me
because I stink?
Which I don't!
You think people are that shallow? Maybe I just don't agree with the way he looks
at the world. He's so negative.

It's not them, it's me.
I am worthless!
I am a loser! No, you're not a loser.
I think that you have done quite well for yourself given your....
Given what?
I think he's racist...
I mean 10 years ago that would have been fine, but it's the 90's
Given that I am a tongue?
Well yes actually.
You've been in commercials, you have a substantial following on the internet.
What about your internet friends? Well yes, but lots of people have
more prescribers me.
I don't think that its healthy to compare yourself to others.
Instead, why don't you just value the friends that you have?
He would be such a push over in sports. You know the kind weenie that is like
"Oh it doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you do your best." Loser! It does matter!
My dad always told me you better win.
Do you know how hard it is to win at dodgeball when you are a big red tongue? It's like you are a big red target
walking around.
And hey, maybe if your friends say you stink
maybe you should look into it. Could it hurt anything?

You know in the end, he is just a jerk! You think I stink
Well guess what? I think you stink! You stink at therapy!
You don't help me!
You don't know how to help anybody!
The only reason I go back
Is that I am trying to help him be better.
Bolster him up....
against the ills... and
tides of woe in the world. You hear me? You suck!
Morgan, that's enough. We're done.
Don't come back. No!
Please I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I know I blew up.
I am just really unstable right now. FINE!
You're the best friend I have. It's ironic.
He needs me right now.
So I keep going back.
I am only out $150 an hour so what ever...
But this can't happen every week Morgan.
I swear. Never again.
You're my only friend. Fine... Just....
Will you just touch me with your hand?

Just get back on the couch...
I am throwing up a new video every Tuesday. So don't forget to prescribe to my channel.
My therapist will probably consider it a personal triumph.
You know, it might help my confidence a little bit too..
I am not an attention-aholic,
and I don't have Peter Pan syndrome. I can grow up any time I want.
I just dont want to.
I am a lost boy, and i'll never grow up!

Definitely some good gunk! That's a lot of gunk.