University of Illinois Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) Tutorial, Part 3: School Info

Uploaded by IllinoisAdmissions on 28.08.2012

The third step of completing your SRAR is to enter your School Information.
Please note that sometimes, this page will be pre-populated with school information
that you already entered within your application.
Since that isn't the case here, we'll have to enter the information ourselves.
First, enter your highest class rank after grade 11 if one is reported on your transcript.
If your transcript doesn't provide a class rank or your school reports a decile,
then simply check the box that says
"My school does not provide class rank".
Our transcript does not include this, so we'll check the box.
Next you'll need to enter your highest cumulative Grade Point Average, or GPA,
after grade 11 and indicate if the GPA is weighted or unweighted.
If your GPA is not listed on your transcript,
you do not need to report anything.
Finally, you'll need to Add each school you've attended, starting with grade nine.
Before adding your schools, however,
review the statements within the instructions box.
If any of the statements pertain to you, read the additional instructions.
In this section, you must Add as many schools needed to account for all your schooling,
including summer schools and/or colleges.
For our example, we've attended two different schools,
so we'll enter that information now.
Our first school is Lane Technical High School.
Begin by entering the school name,
followed by the school's location information such as city, state, and country.
You can see by clicking the School Name text box we get the School Selector window.
Select your Country, State, and City within the School Selector.
This will generate a list of schools.
If you can't find your school within the list,
you can enter it in the text box at the bottom.
For our example, Lane Tech is within the list, so we'll select it and hit "ok".
Notice that other information for Lane Tech automatically appears,
since we selected it from the school list.
You may need to manually enter this information if it doesn't automatically appear.
Next fill in the dates that you attended this particular school.
In our case, we attended Lane Tech HS from August of 2009 to May of 2012.
Next, select the appropriate school type.
Lane Tech HS is in Illinois, so we'll select US Domestic.
Since this is not the school we will be graduating from, we will skip this area.
For the grading system, you'll need to reference your transcript.
Then select the statement that pertains to you and read the instructions.
Our Lane Tech High School transcript lists A-F grades,
so we will click that statement.
The instructions tell us to select "A-F" as the grading system
and to ignore the "Add Conversion" link at the bottom.
For our example we've attended two schools, so we need to enter the second school now.
To add additional schools, simply click, Add Another School at the bottom.
Our second school is Loyola Academy.
Once again, click on the school name field and find your school in the school selector window.
Since Loyola Academy is not within the list of schools, we'll add it manually.
This means we also need to add the school's city, state, and country.
We will be attending Loyola Academy from August 2012 to May 2013.
Loyola Academy is in Illinois, so again we'll select US Domestic as the School Type.
Loyola Academy is the school we will be graduating from, so we'll check the box that says,
"This will be/is the school I plan to graduate from"
and enter our graduation date.
For the Grading System area,
our transcript from Loyola has numerical grades but does provide a letter grade conversion chart.
So, we'll click the statement that says
"My transcript has numerical grades with grading scale conversion."
The instructions tell us to select A-F as the grading system and click
"Add conversion" to enter the conversion information from our transcript.
Remember, only enter this information if it appears on your transcript.
Begin by clicking Add Conversion and enter the first line listed on your transcript.
Our transcript says 98-100 as the numerical range,
with A+ being the grade/notation equivalent.
Click Add Conversion to add another line,
and continue this process until you've entered the entire conversion chart as it appears on your transcript.
Once you've entered all your schools and their information,
click save and continue at the bottom of the page.
A dialogue box will appear to confirm you've added all the schools you've attended since 9th grade.
Click ok to continue.