Women's Basketball Pre-Game Interviews | 2012 Olympic Journey | Taking London Ep. 8

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 11.08.2012

You know, I think with our group, it's been pretty consistent what we need to do. You
know, defensively, you know, we're getting better every game, and that's kinda where
everything starts. But at the same time, you know, there's only so many things we can do,
because I think today was our 11th practice since we've been together, and there's only
so much that we can do. So whatever it is that we do, we gotta be really good at it.
And I'm comfortable with where we are right now with our team. Are you surprised about
how much you've been dominating the competition here? I mean, you've really been [xx] Again,
I think we've seen a little bit of everything, you know. The Croatia game was probably a
lot closer than people thought it was gonna be. The Turkey game was a great basketball
game until the 4th quarter. I think it's, again -- early on, I think people can take
advantage of the fact that we're just getting to know each other, but as the tournament
has worn on, we've gotten progressively better. But I never go into any tournament or any
game expecting the scores to be what they've been. But we're operating on a lot of good
cylinders right now, and I'm -- but, you know, that could change tomorrow. You know, it's
all about making shots in the Olympics. You know, because every other team is really good
offensively, so you gotta be just as good offensively, and then you gotta be better
than them defensively. But we're not gonna go out tomorrow and keep Lauren Jackson and
Elizabeth Cambage and the rest of their team from getting shots. You know, so. You gotta
feel that this is a pretty special team? It is, it is. We got a lot of special parts to
it. We got great leadership. You know, our three veterans, so to speak -- Sue, Diana
and Tamika have been are great. They're great leaders as well as being great players. And
we've got five new players that have never been to the Olympics that are great followers.
So it's been a pretty good combination -- it really has. [xx] Well, it always is about
guard play. Whether it's back home in the NCAA Tournament or whether it's here in the
Olympics, the big guys run to spot, wait for the ball, and then do their damage. But somebody's
gotta -- somebody's gotta get the ball up the floor and get those big guys the ball
where they want. And if you've got really good guards that can do that, then you have
a really good team. And, you know, our guards are pretty good. And I'm hoping that tomorrow,
they're gonna be really good. Sylvia, Candace, Tina Charles, Asjha a little bit. You know,
I think we got a little variety of post players of what we can do at both ends of the floor,
and we gotta be able to use it. But I think our guards are gonna be the key -- no question
about it. No question. So how do you guys prepare for the Australia game? [xx] That's
the only way we can handle it. You know, we can only really concentrate on ourselves,
and what we have to do, what we're good at and try to do those things. You know, they're
an amazing team with, you know, some great players on that side, so it's gonna be very
difficult. There has to be some adjustments that you guys have to make [xx] Yeah, I mean,
there's extra attention we're gonna pay to some people, but our focus has really been,
you know: How can we stop them as a unit, and that takes five people on our side, so
I think we're gonna stick with that -- with that focus. Defense more than offense? Yeah,
I think so. I think when you have so many great, talented basketball players that, over
a course of a game, hopefully you find enough points. But defensively, if you can really,
you know, make it difficult for the other team then that gives you a little bit more
confidence on the other end. You know, I think we're feeling good. Mainly, just because when
it comes to big games, you don't prepare any different than you did for, you know, the
pre-Olympic tournament we had in Turkey or the games in Manchester or the games in D.C.
You prepare for every single game the same, so when you do get to this big moment, you're
confident, you're comfortable, nothing's changed, you're just kinda on that same, you know,
in that same mindset. So everyone's feeling good, and you just gotta go out there and
play. It's all about comfort here, you know. It's all about us making them uncomfortable.
And they're gonna make us uncomfortable, believe me. You know, because they punch you, they
grab you, they're really, really -- they're one of the most physical team in the tournament
-- no question about it. You know, those Aussies, they're a tough bunch. How are you guys preparing
for this game? Just trying to mentally prepare ourself. They got a good group of ladies on
the Australian team. And just trying to prepare ourself to just go out there and be mentally
ready. And we know it's gonna be a battle -- it ain't gonna be easy. But with that said
and done, I think we can get it done. We just have to be smart about it, and play our game.
It's do or die now -- Australia is an awesome team. We know it's gonna be a really physical
game. Both teams are pretty experienced, so we're not sure. Going in, we're just gonna
really worry about ourselves, make sure we are all on the same page defensively and offensively.