Stripper Jessica Alba Is Back, Smokers And The Obese Get No Health Care, Chris Brown Parking Brawl

Uploaded by AskMenVIDEO on 28.01.2013

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First up, a raging debate on Twitter asks whether smokers and the obese should be left
to die rather than be covered by costly insurance benefits. Apparently, it costs the health
care industry over $200 million dollars to provide services for smokers and people suffering
from obesity, but what does it say about us if we just leave them to die of horrible,
painful diseases? Also, such a radical idea begs the question where do we draw the line
when it comes to deciding who we care for? I mean, what about all the skydivers out there,
or all the sluts? Ya, and not just the girl-sluts? In any case, our attitudes towards unhealthy
living have certainly come a long way since these days..."Hey sugar t*ts, I'm gonna need
a dozen of this and I thought we talked about you not wearing a bra to the office no more."
Next up, the hardly surprising news that Chris Brown has been in another fight -- this time
with Frank Ocean. The latest Breezy Brawl took place outside a recording studio where
the two apparently duked it out over a parking space. Gangsta! Amazingly, no one bothered
to shoot the fight with their cellphones but, we assume it looked something like this. Yeah,
hardcore! While Ocean stuck around to talk to police after the brawl, Brown high-tailed
it outta there, probably back to his mother's house. What? They're close. Brown's on-again,
off-again girlfriend Rihanna couldn't be reached for a naked tweet on the matter and with the
cops currently looking for Brown - seriously, try his mom's house - and we'll just have
to see what, if any, charges are brought forward in this case.ÊAnd finally, some good news
for all you Sin City fans. Jessica Alba will be returning as exotic dancer Nancy Callahan
for the sequel and the star promises lots of sexy new routines. Alba reportedly spent
three months training for the role and will join castmates Josh Brolin, Mickey Rourke
and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the latest outing called A Dame to Kill For. Let's face it - this
is great news. The first thing you think of when you think of Sin City is Alba's gyrating
cowgirl performance, I mean take a look. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. This
should get a few new subscribers. "Ya, now that's what I'm talking about. Go
get the boys some sandwiches when you're done with the show."
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