Mac OS X Python Tutorial - Part 1 - How To: Setup & Prerequisites (Programming Language)

Uploaded by DisruptiveTechTV on 13.01.2013

How's it going guys, my name's Jack from DisruptiveTechTV, and welcome to your first
Mac OS X python video tutorial
in this tutorial I'm going to be showing you the setup that you'll need to have
in order to write and use python scripts
i'm also going to be showing you how to check is python is installed on your
Mac OS X system
so the first objective is to download a file called Coda
which is what we're going to be using the write our python scripts
unfortunately, Coda is a paid app
so we're just going to be downloading a demo version that latests for seven days
the link is in the description below and once it is finished downloading you should receive
a file called Coda seven point that
or whatever the latest version of Coda currently is
a double click on the file should start expanding it and an application called
archive utility should appear
once it is finished expanding drag it into your applications folder and
allow it to copy itself
and when all that is finished open Coda and you should see a window similar to
this one
now what we're going to be using for running our python scripts it's called the
python three interpreter
and to open the python interpreter in Coda
hit this big additions sign, and open a new Terminal window
make sure to connect to local host
and when you press connect you should see it prompt come up with your username
Now once in your localhost shell
type in python3 to open the interpreter
and hit return on the keyboard
you will get a prompt showing your python version number
Once you have python installed and have made sure that your interpreter is working,

You will be ready to start programming in python
So that was your first tutorial on installing the setup I will be using throughout this course

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name's Jack from DisruptiveTechTV, thanks for watching