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I graduated Michigan State in 1982, drove my Chevy Chevette to California, worked in
Worked at a number of different ad agencies.
15 years ago, I started Deutsch LA with 6 people and now we've built it to 490 people.
We have Volkswagen, HTC, Dr. Pepper, Snapple, 7-UP, Playstation, and Target.
I can't believe how on the cutting edge Michigan State is.
I always thought academia was seven years behind the real world, these guys are ahead
of it: it's super impressive.
More and more, obviously, the business is going digital, mobile, and social.
What used to be a traditional 30-second TV spot, still very important, probably 70% of
what we do.
More and more we've got to understand all of the digital properties and ways to connect
with people.
Working for The State News was the best thing I ever did.
I started my junior year as an account executive. I became the Ad Manager the next year, my
senior year, and the experience was invaluable.
I had 20 people reporting to me at the time, I learned how to sell, how to do graphic design,
how to manage people, and I had something on my resume that I could use when I went
in for an interview to say.
"Hey, a lot of other students got A's and B's. I ran this little, mini company here,"
and that was really really just a terrific experience.
It's a blast; I can't believe I get paid to do what I do. It's so much fun.