Interview with Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy

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Guys, great seeing you both together i think this may be something of a first
can you describe the nature of
this relationship between yourselves
i think it's sort of evolved
since abudabi at the start of this year i've played with him before but never really
got a chance to speak to him
in-depth and you know i think we
have a lot of things that common and are both huge sports fans and
um... have a lot of things to talk about and i think just from there
you know our our relationship is has evolved because we've
played with each other quite a lot this year and
uh... it's been great for me to get to know him
and maybe try and pick up a few things and learn a few things from him too
we have a lot in common
and um...
there's a business difference but still
i had a huge age difference with my uh... other good friend O'meara
uh... we had so much in common and was just easy to be around and um...
i think we've
will certainly our promotional selig roland
or over the years but also uh... our competitiveness uh...
they are the best interest
tiger woods this accused hero of mine dropped vitriolic three washington d_c_
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special subject
tiger woods
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my defense to go into
for dat targets in prague nineteen ninety six
in the council on different answers
compete against them is that is something that
i'd always dreamed of you get to spend time with them and higher over the news
is something that i find
he transformed the images caulfield
needed a younger sport you've got younger people and said
i guess given more athletic images off when you look at some of the glory knows
come on in the last five years
what do you see in particular that impresses you wassup clubs as a witness
the confidence it's uh...
going out there and
uh... and uh...
can you show up for stocks
squander played it somewhere like that uh...
who has a lot of the federal ability
and then goes out there and and doesn't these guys are just so athletic
it's it's a new is a new era and in our sport and uh...
were collected in a transition
when i first came out here and no one worked out of sesame and uh... b_j_
antsy and
we would be in the same gyms and helpful in the us tells it
now this you see everybody
um... that's that's neat its neat to see someone
of rory is uh... class not take-offs yourself being considered a sport not to
piece here guys come online
in like ducks and johnson guy woodlands
com you know there's a lot of guys they're so strong so
athletic nick really powerful news at the bull and uh...
you know if you want it
beat daniella tryin
much samer are better them in some way
very quickly the fact that moved over to view together so that's not something
take five ten years ago
always thank you
on their own is a single if english is a says change
business is changing or changing you perhaps what they we had that
we had a feeling system researcher
with with the public uh...
and i got along pretty good with uh... mostly guys and and why aren't the type
i played against
but it was more
just a locker room
you know
and and cost down the fairways
at um...
you know for some reason uh... right and i are become really good friends and
will continue to be that way
it was actually pretty funny say that that i talked abt to jack about it and
check rolled in like each other
divergent vengeance very kicked up
uh... this ditzy i dot
but also mallard best of friends
in exile does talking with his own common tree
it wasn't done in his day are his full methodology was
to keep it to himself tends to be a little bit aloof
he didn't have those sort of relationships
fade into his performances
i mean for me we have
here on terra long enough
and you know you don't need enemies like that but you know you on a you'll have
friends you know sometimes life on thirteen get
you know a little bit
lonely at times and you know you will not guys ignored for dinner with and you
can you have a lot within a locker and then me right there for
you twenty five weeks a year c_n_n_ will make it fun so yeah i mean uh... you
know if that's what worked for followed and been created all this they worked
really well
i don't think that would be something to work for me
to summarize the year have you in your own words said categorize what's
happenin transworld
i think this year has been a great year for me uh...
think anytime u_n_ images championship you got a colored unitary year uh...
you know i want three other times about little bit of a
many slump in the summer right didn't play well for a few tenements but uh...
you know that happens
how do you sense a tiger
has worsened uh... when he made kept it makes it a agree here
and i think i've had a release really good year
uh... warning three times and the pubs not waiting for for a while
and being her for such a long time uh... to come back and
there was a lot of people said underwent against
event went three times this year
and the past i call time when list
at uh... age of thirty six i think i think that's pretty cool
you talked briefly about people writing you often do you
do you reach
what's what's a nafta rica back at every press conference i go to
that get hammered
well you never know when again bowl block
and it was every time i went in
uh... soul
it was it was a lot there for a number of years and um... all what are your
where i have to answer that question every single round at their mercy around
at every turn preterm
and um...
yet to do that all allotment and to uh...
as i said the pastor at all time when mister scheer
and the detainees and and and i think that's uh... pretty accomplishment
you then obviously got off
to such a flier is a kids turning pro with uh... you know most of major wins
more is now doing mass
you know you're in this tiger jacks or rory conversation at the moment and of
issuers got that potential do you see him in mecca madly convo pcn were
absolutely absolutely has potential wind
uh... countless more major championships and
many terms not just
in the states but uh... music is a global player as only get better
the high side is so high
and he's already copper so much at early age that um...
you know it'll be fun for me as as compared to go against them as ah... as
he's getting better and tiger
the whole emphasis on
eighteen's a question that has to be asked everytime pool
but uh... you still see it as a realistic goal to surpass eighteen
and offered anything to them before six
it also uh...
you know what the finished regime and and staying
eating properly in staying trained capable for very long time so
uh... i'm looking forward to that opportunity uh...
you know that if you
say hypothetically ten years as for two more major championships i get a chance
the plant two p_m_ and and try and win
and also i think the lease one follows
rory at look when you consider tigers career you consider where you're at
notes world number one at this stage of twenty three years of age
what concerns you most is this
injuries is is
think one of the biggest things for me as longevity young twenty-three years
all that so we are
lawyers say had had any and that is the one a
and it's going to print off alone a i'd only get the stage where
and thirty years old
or three five years old and say no
bonus if that operate in the inouye
it's a long time the plan a sport and i just wanna pace myself
you've had to do with so much scrutiny being the dominant figure for uh... for
so long with advice do you have for
perot re at this stage target
actually that was just that
as pace yourself um... everyone has to be trying to
uh... breed to their vent uh...
uh... deter your away from time that spent too
uh... practicing hard how do you get there you can sit there about
sooner but the entire time uh... got their barber working hard and do all
things you need to prepare
and confirm it a try to take away from the of some better show up and they
destroyed practice for the weekend
no build ourselves into a uh...
i concern that uh...
that to lead bs uh... how much rather practice at home be ready michael to
vent as the wind
we've both gone a long way to go in the game it's a pleasure having you both
from living golf
and let's hope for so many battles
internally as well here
i started thanks rory