Eric Saade - Catch him if/when you can - Helsingborg, July 30, 2011

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What? What?
It's HD, it's HD!! We wanted to ride the ferris wheel with you.
No, we are going to have the interview here because I'm going on stage soon. Can't we just do it?
What is this? HD comes with red blankets and tries to kidnap me.. No, give me some love .. now we are in Helsingborg.
It hadn't been so good. I shouldn't be seen out there until the show. It could have ended in any way. When you're going up hights and stuff, I can't take it.
So Eric managed to persuade us not to kidnap him up into the ferris wheel, and the reason is pretty simple.
In a pop show you have in most cases an intro that should shock the audience and be as cool as it is, and if you want the intro to be a highlight then you can't be seen all over the place so that everybody have said 'hi' already.
And for Eric it is really big to play at the Helsingborg festival.
Today I'm on homeground and it's one of the biggest things I have done so far. It feels strange to say that since I have done a lot of big things, but for me it is because a hometown will always be a hometown and to have a concert here that even is free is so big. The first thing I will scream during the mid talk will be 'home sweet home' because I haven't been here for months and I miss Helsingborg everyday.
Today, I'm here to give back, today I'm going to give such a fucking show they will never forget. There's nothing to say about that, I'm going to do everything to make people go home with a smile on their face.

I have never felt more at home than I do today here on stage in front of you. Thank you for coming.
When/where was your very first concert?
Oy, here... I don't know ... I used to be at RixFM festival that used to be here, Salem al Fakir was here at one point, but then I was a bit older, I like Salem. Eh, No... my first concert (I was even younger) it was "Rock Rapsody" but that wasn't here.. but at the tennis court in BĂ„stad. I think that was my first concert and I was around ten years old.
Will you stay in Helsingborg after the concert?
Absolutely, I will stay for a while but I'm not saying for how long.
What will you do then?
I will... I don't know, only focus on having time off and turn off the mobile phone that is ringing right now. (turns off the phone) I will do that.