Tour Blog: Shakira - The Sun Came Out in Lodz (Poland)

Uploaded by shakira on 29.06.2011

Shakira we love you
Hi, My name is Damin. I live in Korsze
I came to Lodz to see Shakira. We made this special "suns"
For the Sale El Sol song. We know that Shakira says
that we all go through difficult times, but that that there's is
a sun that always shines within each of us.
So we wanted the sun to come out for her and all of us. So when the Sale El Sol
song comes, we will pick the yellow cards to show her support and love.
We just got out of stage. Look at me... You look awesome
Today, in Poland was a great show Today, May 16th.. Is it May 16th?
No, I think today is the 17th We don't know what day we are!
May 17h, 2011. I'm in my dressing room. And you know what?
When unexpected, The Sun Always Comes Up