Best Buy Mobile - Store Tour

Uploaded by BestBuyCommunity on 07.10.2009

Welcome to Best Buy Mobile! This is a whole new approach to the mobile phone shopping
experience, it's based entirely on what customers have told us about
their shopping needs. Let's take a look at some of our features.
You told us you were tired of going from store to store looking for the best phones and carriers.
That's why Best Buy Mobile offers a great selection of popular
brands and plans, all under one roof. You'll find fun, functional
phones from Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, and more, and we'll help you pick a plan that
works for you.
You told us you wanted more charges, cases and headsets that actually work with your
phone. Best Buy Mobile offers one of the best in-store accessory selections
anywhere, including a wide range of Bluetooth wireless options.
You told us you wanted more helpful, knowledgeable service. Our Mobile Phone Specialist go through
extensive, professional training before they set foot
on the sales floor, and they continue that training for as long
as they work for Best Buy Mobile. Our Walk Out Working program makes sure you know how
to use all your phone's features before you leave the store, and our
top-quality service and repair plans keep you covered for the entire
life of your phone.
You told us you didn't like the hassle and long wait times of mail-in rebates. At Best
Buy Mobile, our pricing is always straightforward and competitive.
Our discounts are always instant, with no rebates or waiting required.
You told us you wanted more convenient locations. Best Buy Mobile now has stations in more than
one thousand Best Buy stores, as well as more than 50 stand-alone
stores like this one. That makes one-stop shopping that much easier.
You already know and trust the Best Buy name for electronics and entertainment. Why not
let us revolutionize your mobile life too?