Forwarding Email

Uploaded by ugamailvideos on 15.02.2011

First, log into your UGAMail email account and head to the options page.
Select "See all Options," choose the "Organize Email" tab on the left.
Next, click on "New" to create a new filter rule. In the window that appears under "When the message arrives"
pull-down menu, choose "Apply to all messages" Under "do the following" choose "redirect the message"
In the bottom of the second popup window that appears, in the To field, enter the email address you
wish to forward to. Then click OK. This prompt warns that this forward will apply to all messages
Choose "yes" to continue. Please keep in mind this process wil delete any filters disabled in Office Outlook
If you do have disabled filters, you will receive a prompt explaining this.
If this is OK, choose yes your email forward will begin immediately