Allie shows how to prepare a vegetarian carrot salad.

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>> Hi. I'm Allie McDonough from Boston University.
I'm a senior majoring in PR, and today I'm going to teach you how
to make a really easy vegetarian carrot salad.
So this is one of the easiest dishes that I've ever made.
You literally just put everything into a bowl.
And the longer you leave it, the more the flavors combine and the better it gets.
So to start, I've got three pounds of carrots.
And I'm just going to grate them using my food processor.
[Grinding] Make sure that your carrots are peeled before you start.
Okay. So the carrots are all peeled, and I'm going to add them into one big bowl
and then add the other ingredients.
So I'm going to start with one can of crushed pineapple --
this has had all the water drained out of it; one cup of pecans; one cup of golden raisins --
and you don't have to use golden raisins.
You can use the regular purple raisins or whatever you want.
Golden raisins are really just [inaudible] -- a tablespoon of mayonnaise;
about 6 ounces of condensed orange juice.
Here you're going to want to defrost this before you start this recipe.
One cup of shredded coconut.
About a tablespoon of honey, and about maybe half a teaspoon of salt.
You can estimate this part.
You can always go back and add more salt later [inaudible].
Just stir all of that up, and that's really it.
So this is a really easy dish to make.
You can make it for lunch and bring it with you the next day in a Tupperware.
You can alter it however you'd like, so you can change the raisins, like I said;
or you can switch the pecans out for almonds or walnuts.
You can really make -- basically make any sort of changes that you want because it's so easy.
And you can do it right in your dorm room.
If you don't have a food processor, you can actually even buy preshredded carrots.
So it's really easy to make.
Just keep it in the refrigerator when you're not eating it, and it should last for about a week.
So thank you for joining me.
I'm Allie McDonough from Boston University, and I'll see you next time.
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