Paperclip 2012

Uploaded by kempenvandaag on 29.08.2012

We are here today at the Paperclip Festival 2012 in Eersel
Its a really nice day, wonderful ambiance (atmosphere)
The main theme is "Ambiance à la France".
And we are going to explore the different themes right Ludi?
Yes, I'm heading off to the calmer side of the festival because I can't really go full-out
but Karen...
You're more of a "chanson" person
Yes, more of the "chanson" type
Ok then I will go full throttle "ambiance"
Ludi is at the calmer "chanson" side, and I'm here at the "Tour de Ambiance" for real party animals
Where is the party?
Here is the party!
Ok ok, we're going to do the polonaise, ok polonaise go go go!!!
Do you think this festival have any sponsors?
I wouldn't know, you?
No idea
Then we'll move on
France is the place of wine and love
we couldn'd find love but of course, there is always wine
Im gonna put it like this in my hand
Put it in my ear
Twist my nose
And take it out, from the other ear
I think the party will continue for a bit
I think so. I had a lot of fun, what about you Karen?
Yes, and I've found love, so I'm going away from the camera. Bye!