CHRYED - C & S story 191 - 8th Sep special - ENG SUB

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Q: Amira?
A: I'm in my room Dad.
Where else am I likely to be?
S: I told you it was Amira on the phone yesterday.
C: Sy, we don't know that for sure. S: You heard Yusef, he went to see Quadim.
C: Yeah, and you think Quadim's just gonna pass on the message...
"Oh Amira love, give your husband a ring. He wants a divorce so he can marry his boyfriend".
S: She phoned.
C: Ok, suppose she did, she didn't say anything did she?
S: Maybe she chickened out when she heard my voice, I don't know.
All I know is, it's got to be a good thing. Right?
C: Right.
S: So what is it?
C: It's nothing.
Q: Present.
It's charged, ready to be used and I'm paying everything.
A: So the itemised bills will be sent to you and you can check who I phone on it.
Q: And text, yes. A: I would expect nothing less from you.
Q: You're my daughter, my most precious- A: Possession? I prefer the word prisoner.
Q: Stop it. I've had a hard day; I don't need your dramatics tonight.
A: I phoned Syed's mother,
C: You know what they say about a watched kettle.
S: Where do you think she is?
C: Honestly Sy, I don't know.
S: I thought maybe her Dad would have sent her to Pakistan but she could be in London.
Maybe Yusef will go see Quadim again, I could write a letter or- C: Sy,
look I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to ask you this.
S: What?
C: You do just want to talk to Amira about the divorce right?
S: Course, what else? C: I don't know; you just.. seem so obsessed at the thought of her phoning you.
She's your wife.
S: And? C: And you loved her.
S: Yeah, and a part of me always will.
All I want to talk to Amira about is a divorce right, nothing else.
I mean, do you have any idea how stigmatised she'll have been, within the Muslim community?
C: Because her husband left her for a man? S: No because my being gay is a reflection on her.
I've ruined her life. C: Oh, Sy please.
You can't keep thinking like that. S: I can't help it.
The only woman I ever loved and I did that to her.
C: I did it too.
You weren't on your own.
S: Poor Amira.
C: Come here.
Q: You had nothing, nothing and I took you in. Now you have everything you want.
A: But I'm lonely. Syed wants to speak to me, he could want to go back to how things were; he could want me back.
Q: His mother said this? A: No.
Q: But you still want him back after everything he did, after everything that's happened. A: He's my husband.
Q: Your husband wants a divorce. That's why he's trying to contact you.
He wants to marry the man he left you for.
A: No. Q: He wants them to be together, to make a mockery of every natural law.
A: Syed wouldn't do that. He thinks too much of his religion-
Q: He turned his back on Allah, just as he turned his back on you. Syed is perverted and you are soiled by association.
You were nothing but an experiment, to see if he was ever normal. But he wasn't.
He doesn't want you Amira.
I'm the only man who wants you.
You know that don't you.
And why is that?
A: Dad, please... Q: Say it.
A: Because I'm damaged goods.
C: I still feel guilty,
I always will.
Amira was my friend, she trusted me.
S: How do you think I feel?
C: But we found each other.
Now, I know we hurt her,
but this is right.
S: Yeah.
C: So if she contacts us, then great.
And if she doesn't, then we'll just wait.
Q: Look who's up.
Have you had a good day?
I think she has.
A: Hey.
Q: Syed has what he wants, and you have what you've always wanted.
We don't need anybody else do we?
A: No Dad.
Q: Family's important Amira;
and this little princess is our family, nobody else's.
A: You're right.