Banana Bread Recipe & Video

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Today we will prepare Banana Bread.
Kids are especially fond of this bread, you will also like it and it is also very easy to make.
Ingredients required:
Maida (flour) - 2 cups
Banana - 2 (these bananas are over ripe)
Powdered sugar - a little more than 1/2 cup
butter - 1/3 cup[
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Firstly we will peel and mash the bananas to make Banana Bread.
Cut bananas into pieces the using a masher, mash them thoroughly.
Add butter to the mashed bananas followed by sugar and mix well.
Mix baking powder with flour.
To mix the two properly, pass flour and baking powder through a strainer.
Filter one more time.
The flour has been filtered.
The utensil in which banana bread is to be prepared must be greased.
Grease the utensil with 1/2 tsp butter and spread evenly using your fingers.
Add 1 tsp flour (maida) and spread it all over to create a thin coating on the utensil.
The utensil is coated with flour and remove the flour that is remaining.
The utensil is now greased and ready.
The batter composed of bananas, butter and sugar is prepared.
Mix this batter some more as you beat it thoroughly.
Add flour and baking powder to the banana batter.
Mix properly so that there are no lumps.
If the batter is too thick then we can add 2-3 tbsp milk to it and mix.
The batter is completely prepared and now we can fill the container with it.
Even out the batter.
The batter is filled in the container and the microwave has also been set.
Microwave is to be brought to the convection mode, set at a temperature of
180 degree centigrade for 30 minutes and has already been put to pre heat.
Now put the container with the batter in the microwave and switch it on.
Allow the bread to cook for 30 minutes then we can check it.
Banana Bread is baked and we can take it out of the microwave.
Banana Bread took 45 minutes to bake.
First we set the oven for 30 minutes then set it further for 15 minutes.
Banana Bread is prepared, we will take it out after it cools down.
Now that the bread is cooled we will take it out from the container.
Turn over the container and beat it at the bottom.
This easily takes the bread out of the container.
Cut Banana Bread into 1/2" thick slices.
We should cut the bread only after it's cooled else they will break apart.
Banana Bread is rea
it has become very spongy.
Try this recipe yourself and share your experiences with us.
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