East of Eden, 53회,EP53, #03

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'You can't avoid it any longer. Be strong.'
'Be the Ji-hyun I know you can be.'
Have a little more. Try the soup.
Is that you, Ji-hyun?
Is something wrong?
Chun-hee, Ji-hyun is here.
She said she's got something to tell you.
Myung-hoon's gone somewhere...
I know he's not here.
He asked me...
to try and make up with you.
To try and understand you a little.
I've thought about how you might have felt, why you said the things you did.
I was wrong. I was too hateful.
I've thought... I should find you and apologize.
I'm not here for an apology.
Myung-hoon's gone inside to get me out.
What does that mean, he's inside? Inside where?
The DA's office. He was arrested in my place.
Wha..? Arrested?
But why him? What's he charged with?
It was for me. He took my place...
to answer the Taesung Hotel tax evasion charges.
Who..? Who could've...?
No, I mean, who made him go?
Was it Shin Tae-hwan?
- I'm sorry, mother. It's all my fault. - You didn't do anything.
I'm uneducated, but what I know, I KNOW.
Shin Tae-hwan runs Taesung Group. Everyone knows that.
Anything that happens with Taesung is because of him.
He's managed to make Myung-hoon look guilty.
I can't put up with this anymore.
I can't sit back and watch as he ruins my children's lives.
I won't allow it.