Chinese Paladin 4 plot and gameplay 16

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Tianhe Yun: a, atishoo-----!!
Lingsha Han: Look out! Try not to take too much breath here! This fog is kind of weird.
Lingsha Han: When I first stepped in this place, I got the feeling that it's an unusual place, now really------
Lingsha Han: Hey----! What are you doing now? I've said try not to take too much breath here, now you are taking a deep breath?!
Tianhe Yun: Hehe, quite aromatic, quite nice, just a little itchy in the nose....
Tianhe Yun: Atishoo! Atishoo!!
Lingsha Han: ...... have only yourself to thank, we are not on a tour here, what's that nice, aromatic about.......Listen up, this place is quite weird, and different from the savage forest we've been through, so be on guard!
Tianhe Yun: Yee? There is something flashing, let's go take a look~
Lingsha Han: .........
Lingsha Han: (Damn! Never listen to my's not a good time, Never! Mind!)
Tianhe Yun: What's this sound? ........Sounds great.....
Lingsha Han: Quiet! Seems someone over there! Don't let it be aware of us!
Tianhe Yun: Hello~~~ People over there~~~
Tianhe Yun: We are kind of lost in this deep fog here~ Do you know where the exit would be?
Lingsha Han: Aren't you an idiot! Havn't I just said we shall keep on guard? How can you say hello like this, what if it's a trap?!
Tianhe Yun: Hehe, won't be~ She is not a bad guy.
Lingsha Han: Hnn, you knew it again.
Tianhe Yun: Because there is no killing morale around here~
??: The shadow of the dream, the flower of the fog, all be nothing but empty, it comes from the mind and thought, while floating around in the dust-------
??: As~ All~ Gone~ Away!
??: This maze of "Flora's Puzzle" shouldn't do no harm to people, didn't expect you'd take this long to get here-----
Tianhe Yun: You......
Lingsha Han: Hnn, who is speaking now? Why did you toy us around like this? And talk about your harmless stinky monsters of yours, why I felt the same pain from their hit as the harmful ones!
Lingsha Han: Hey, am I right?
Tianhe Yun: ........
Lingsha Han: Hey!!
Tianhe Yun: .......
Lingsha Han: Your eyes are about to pop out now! She is this beautiful to shock you like this?
Tianhe Yun: What?!
Tianhe Yun:
Lingsha Han: Hey, don't get the wrong idea, even this guy by my side is quite dumb by the look, he has some extremely powerful arms. He can kill three bears just with his bare hands.
Tianhe Yun: Err, Lingsha.......
Lingsha Han: As for me, I am one legendary sword master, thousands of men have been defeated by me, and I was only a little careless just now, otherwise.......hnnhnn~~
Tianhe Yun: Lingsha, I don't think I can kill bears with my bare hands...... maybe I can take a try if it's a boar.......
??: Your childe Yun, your dad, how is he now?
Tianhe Yun: You knew my dad too? ......I don't know how is he now either, as he has been gone for years.
??: Uncle Yun has passed away?!
??: .....How could this be...... He saved my life several years ago, while I always had this wish to find him, and gave him my thanks.
Tianhe Yun: You're anchor Liu's daughter?
??: My name is Mengli Liu.
Lingsha Han: Ah, I see! Actually, you are that ugly monster?!
Lingsha Han: No no no, I mean your miss, as we can say that you've known each other, why you gotta set us up in that maze?
Mengli Liu: My apology here, I heard that he was the son of uncle Yun, so I just wanted to try him out, and I wanted to ask if uncle Yun is fine now. All because that dad wasn't willing to tell me anything, let me wait until tomorrow........
Lingsha Han: And......I guess when you were rescued by his dad, you could just be a baby, right? How come can you remember the one who saved you?
Mengli Liu: Well...... everything in the world has its own five senses, even for a baby, they have their own ways to apperceive the outside world, only that we normal people are not aware of this too much, on the contrary, we grew up and lost that ability, and became senseless.
Tianhe Yun: complex, so hard to understand.....
Tianhe Yun: Lingsha, did you get her?
Shifeng Liu: My worthy nephew~
Shifeng Liu: My worthy nephew, I just went to your place and wanted to take a long nice talk with you, how come you run up to my Mengli's place here?
Shifeng Liu: Can't, can't it be that you two are already in love with each other now?!
Mengli Liu: Dad, don't be an idiot, I don't think that his childe Yun and this girl has the wish to stay here any longer, I suggest that we don't force them.
Shifeng Liu: Why my dear daughter, how could you suggest that!
Shifeng Liu: Tianhe is the one who your dad chose from a thounsand young men, plus he is also your uncle Yun's child-----
Mengli Liu: Dad, as you already knew that uncle Yun is the great hero, great savior in my heart, then you should know that there would be no one in the world who can be a match to him for me.
Mengli Liu: And we are talking the about the love of my life, I want to make my own decisions on this kind of matter.......
Shifeng Liu: Err......Alright alright alright~ Dad will always be on your side, haha, just don't be sad, my dear daughter.
Lingsha Han: Lol, have seen people who is afraid of his wife, never thought I could see someone being afraid of his own daughter~
Shifeng Liu: And this miss is......? How come you are in my house at this midnight?
Tianhe Yun: Anchor Liu, I'm leaving with Lingsha now, we'll come and play with you later~
Shifeng Liu: She, she is that thief?! And now, how could a criminal run around like this! This miss shall go back to our office and wait for her trial.
Lingsha Han: What "thief" you're talking about! I am a "TOMB RAIDER", listen carefully, it's tomb~ raider~!!
Lingsha Han: And I never stealed or robbed any possession that belongs to a living man, the dead ones are already gone, they'll never use the things that got buried down with them, I get them up on the ground and use them to help the people in need, what's wrong with that?!
Shifeng Liu: These, these.......are all nonsense, nonsense!
Tianhe Yun: Anchor Liu, why won't you let Lingsha leave with me? If you don't let her go, then we cannot go to be sword immortals together.
Shifeng Liu: My worthy nephew, you don't get it.......
Shifeng Liu: Sigh! What should I do now!
Mengli Liu: Hmm.......Dad, I have an idea.
Shifeng Liu: Oh? Speak it up then!
Mengli Liu: I heard this just today morning.....that there are monsters wandering around the Rock Usnea by our city, you seems quite troubled by this matter, I suggest that why not let Miss Han, Tianhe and I go take a investigate of it, once we settle it properly, you can consider that Miss Han has done a good thing for our community, and it will be OK to set her free at that time.
Lingsha Han: Deal! I'll go for it!
Shifeng Liu: No way! I can't agree with this! It's far too dangerous, for you three are this young, how can you do this all alone?
Mengli Liu: Dad, please, you don't have to worry, your daughter has her own judgement of this affair. And besides that his childe Yun and Miss Han are all someone with great skills, if we are careful, we won't have too much trouble there.
Shifeng Liu: But......
Mengli Liu: Dad, you won't trust your own daughter then?
Shifeng Liu: Err.....
Shifeng Liu: Sigh, then do it as you wish, but you got to remember to be careful. Although you are born with a great magic power, never should you be off your guard.
Lingsha Han: (.....poor old dad......even can't say a no to his own daughter, what a "good" father......)
Tianhe Yun: Go for some monsters? Alright~ The ones we lost to the last time, we shall not lose again!
Lingsha Han: You idiot! What's all that your happiness about? You won't think that there should be only one kind of the monster in this world, right?
Mengli Liu: .......
Shifeng Liu: Haha, great for you to have such a fight, my worthy nephew!
Shifeng Liu: Then I'm going to give the order to prepare a guest room for Miss Han, and let her take up a rest.
Mengli Liu: Then I'm back to my room, please make yourself at home.
Lingsha Han: Hey~ Wait a minute.
Lingsha Han: Anyway, thanks for debarrassing me, the last thing I wanna do in this world would be going back to that shabby cell again.
Mengli Liu: You have been too kind, as for you, if you wanna escape, there is no way my dad can catch you again. You agreed to help us, it's I that shall say my thanks to you.
Lingsha Han: .......Ha, haha, what a funny place here is, one dumb old daddy, plus a mysterious daughter, quite a good match to you mountain savage~
Lingsha Han: Yee? Tianhe?
Lingsha Han: Come~ back~ to~ yourself~~ They have all gone.
Tianhe Yun: Ah?
Lingsha Han: Hnn, what are you thinking about?
Tianhe Yun: I.... Let me tell you~ The food here are fantastic! If we stay a few days more here, we can eat more of them~~
Lingsha Han: were......all this were thinking about this?
Tianhe Yun: Yeah, when you said we were going to leave here, I was so upset about it.
Tianhe Yun: What delicious food they have here, what if we can not have a bite of it ever again?.....
Tianhe Yun: Soooooo delicious~~~
Lingsha Han:......I, I must have offended our god at some time, that's why I'm having this punishment here, to have met this guy, it's all my destiny......
Tianhe Yun: Lingsha, what's wrong? Why you are talking to yourself?
Lingsha Han: Get away from me! I'd never be with someone like you with only food in his head! I'm gonna leave you!
Tianhe Yun: Hey~~~ Why you get away now, when you let me get away?
Tianhe Yun: (Hehe, the daughter of anchor Liu said my dad was a big hero~ She is a good guy.)
Tianhe Yun: (.......Lingsha has been angry so often, dad used to say that I always made him mad, and it's bad for heart, this is not good, I shall have a talk with her......)
Tianhe Yun: (.....Sleepy......Today's dinner was so great......)
Tianhe Yun: Ww~ Quite a sleep, so comfortable.
Tianhe Yun: Dunno whether Lingsha has got up or not, I'm gonna find her~