Motorcycle Lightbar Driving Lights - Do it Yourself - Video Guide: Tip of the Week

Uploaded by CruiserCustomizing on 30.06.2010

Kyle Bradshaw here with your Cruiser Customizing Tip of the Week.
This week I`d like to discuss a little bit about Auxiliary Lighting.
One of the most dangerous parts of motorcycling is the fact that motorcycles are less visible
than automobiles on the road. According to motorcycle accident studies, they say the
one thing the motorcycles can do to ensure safer riding conditions is to be visible and
driving lights are one key way that you can inrcrease your visibility. They come and arrange
different sizes and styles that suites your specific needs. The traditional driving light
is a larger light. You could find this from any of the top manufacturers. Showchrome Accessories,Cobra,National
Cycle,Jardine, almost everybody has a classic light bar.
Here`s an excellent example of a classic style light bar. You`ve got 4 1/2 inch spots with
Kuryakyn and large silver bullets clamped underneath.
With the introduction of the power cruiser to the market, people want something a little
bit more stylish a little bit smaller a little bit....
Kuryakyn was one of the first in the market with this small version driving lights with
their small and large silver bullets attaching to the forks using P clamps.
Here is another great example.I believe it was in 2003 when Kuryakyn first launched their
four thousand and one (4001) Universal light bars pictured here. And this right here is
the latest and greatest from Kuryakyn. It`s called the Constellation light bar and brights
of more light than ever before.
One of the most important things to take a look at when looking at auxiliary lighting
is the way that you hook the lights of the bike. When I say hook the lights of the bike,
I'm meaning power the lights. For example, Kuryakyn has this awesome universal wire relay
which I would recommend it to anybody putting lights on their bike. It`s a fused unit with
the relay positive-negative to the battery and that`s all it takes to attach it. You`ve
got a red wire here that will allow you to hook it to the switch source so that when
you on-off the key, the driving lights will have power delivered or taken from them. In
addition to that, you`ve got a switch which will allow you to run these lights whenever
you choose. High beam, Low beam, day or night it doesn`t matter. As far as connecting to
the light, you`ve got your power and your ground. It doesn`t get any simpler than this.
Auxiliary lighting for your motorcycle is one of the most important and one of the easily
attached safety devices you can put on your motorcycle.
Light yor way to greater safety and better visibility with the addition of driving lights
to your machine.
Thank you for watching this week's Auxiliary Lighting Tip of the Week from Cruiser Customizing.