Nixon Signing the National Cancer Act of 1971

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>> Won't you be seated please.
Members of the Senate, members of the House, ladies and gentleman.
We're here today for the purpose of signing the Cancer Act of 1971.
And I hope that in the years ahead that we may look back on this day and this action
as being the most significant action taken during this administration.
It could be, because when we consider what cancer does each year
in the United States we find that more people each year die of cancer in the United States
than all the Americans who lost their lives in World War II.
This shows us what is at stake.
It tells us why I sent a message to the Congress the first of this year which provided
for a national commitment to...for the conquest of cancer to attempt to find a cure.
And now with the cooperation of the Congress, with the cooperation of many of the people
in this room we have set up a procedure for the purpose of making a total national commitment.
I'm not going to go into the details of that procedure except to say this.
As a result of what has been done, as a result of the action which will come into being
as a result of signing this bill, the Congress is totally committed to provide the funds
that are necessary, whatever is necessary for the conquest of cancer.
The President is totally committed, we have a Presidential Panel headed by Benno Schmidt
which will report directly to the President so that the President's influence,
whenever necessary, can be used to reach this great goal.
And in addition to that all of the agencies of government, the National Institute of Health,
HEW, etcetera are totally committed.
[Laughter] incidentally it's a very good pen,
the box is worth more than the pen, we'll get the box.
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Benno you'll get the Richard in there...
>> Thanks.
>> Dr. Dutton...if you'll step forward,
the President of the National Cancer Society, you get the last name.
>> Thank you, sir.
>> Thank you.
>> I appreciate it.
May I say something please?
>> Yes, sir.
>> Thank you.
>> Dr. Dutton, the President of the National Cancer Society.
>> Thank you Mr. President.
We would like to think that this is a wonderful Christmas present in the signing of this bill
with this pen today for the 52 million people in our country
who will develop cancer, who are now living.
This bill we feel is a real great opportunity for America, probably the greatest thing
that has ever been done by the United States.
And to you sir who asked for this to be a national priority and to our friends
on the Congress who gave us this bill, the two and a half, two and a quarter million volunteers
of the American Cancer Society asked
that I express their appreciation, we're truly grateful, sir.
>> Thank you Doctor.
>> Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Good to see you.
>> [ Inaudible ]
Mr. President.
>> Glad to see you, how are you.
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Hi Harrison, I didn't know that many of you would come back from vacation.
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This is an indication of the priority, as you know the Congress had a very long session
and finally got adjourned, we all appreciated that fact incidentally.
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But once they adjourned they did too.
Once they adjourned and they were to go home and go on their vacations, to have this many members
of the House and Senate who are members of the committee back here shows how deeply they feel
and I think that for that reason we'd like to record this for a picture so, go ahead.
We don't have to tell House and Senate members how to get in a picture.
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