RIT on TV: Imagine RIT 2012

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>>ANCHOR: Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival drew thousands to the Rochester campus
Saturday, and as YNN's Kate McGowan explains, the full day event gave students the opportunity
to explore their creative minds and spirits.
>>REPORTER: Rochester Institute of Technology was turned into an arena of creativity this
weekend. Students had the opportunity to showcase their innovation and knowledge as part of
a full day festival.
>>STUDENT: Imagine RIT is awesome.
>>REPORTER: A major celebration of technology and science. Hundreds of booths, demonstrations
were set up around the campus for Imagine RIT. Even live performances took place.
>>MAURA CHMIELOWIEC: I don't think people realize how many cool projects we have going
on here. So when an event like this comes to campus, and everyone can see the creativity
and the imagination that we're building here, it's a great event for everybody.
>>REPORTER: It's a day that students say they look forward to all year and an event to be
proud of.
>>STUDENT: I love being able to showcase all this stuff.
>>REPORTER: Imagine RIT is in its fifth year. Organizers say they try to include new events
each year. This year, teams competed in the 100-meter E-Dragster Race, a challenge to
design the fastest, self-contained vehicle that runs solely on electric.
>>MATT CAMPBELL: We got our butts kicked, but it was a lot of fun and the Women in Engineering
just had a car that was unbelievably out-of-this-world fast. It was disgusting.
>>REPORTER: The Women in Engineering team's Hot Wheelz crossed the finish line first after
months of hard work and dedication that has finally paid off. It was an exciting moment
for this team of 10 girls.
>>MAURA: When I put my finger on the button to press the go button, it just took off and
accelerated right down the track, actually went a little over 58 miles an hour.
>>REPORTER: County Executive Maggie Brooks expressed her pride in the students and RIT.
She says Rochester is an economic engine for upstate New York, and Imagine RIT only magnifies
the value of science, technology and engineering.
>>MAGGIE BROOKS: Everything that's being done here at RIT in terms of creativity and innovation
is very relevant to the future of the economy of Rochester.
>>REPORTER: A chance for these students to soar now as well as in their future careers.
Kate McGowan, YNN.