Een Dag Met Mijn Moeder-2 (speelfilm)

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A Day With My Mom. [Start of Part 2]
Here I take the subway to Diemen very day.
My University.
And I always let the first subway run underground.
Then I can watch for five minutes how people are rushing.
Rushing girls, you mean?
Here they have the best croquettes.
Hot! Ohh ... Jezus.
What kind of music do you like?
Hi! Can we listen to both of these?
Here u are. Go ahead.
I really enjoyed today!
Beautiful! That's was the plan.
I'll going to get cigarettes.
I'll wait here.
What are you looking at?
You know that smoking is very unhealthy right?
Smoking is unhealthy in every doses.
Alcohol isn't.
I'm waiting for three hours now! Relax for a minute, act normal ...
No, I don't gonna relax! I'm done with it!
What do you mean? I texted you, called you, I tryed everything!
Sweetheart, you dropped my Blackberry in The Diva yesterday.
That was your own fault! You were drunk!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
You! Get quite now.
Sorry. Why don't you act normal?
Or didn't you mother taught you anything.
Yes i did! Well. Give her a huge!
Sorry, It was stupid from me.
I guess I just get a main course, I do not have much appetite.
But you can take what you want.
I will paid!
No it's okay, thanks!
Did you decided allready?
And, you made a choice?
For me the pizza tonno.
And ...
A dry white wine please.
And you?
For me the quatro fromaggio please.
No, I would like to keep it here, find it fun to watch.
Whatever you want.
Why do you drink so much?
You only feeling worse because of it.
Your white wine.
Honey, if I really knew I would tell you...
but I do not know either.
I tried so many times! But I can't hold on.
I was also young and energetic, just like you.
Your staggering old mother.
You have a beautiful world.
And that suits you! Do not let go you know!
Don't let go.
Your pizza's.
A tonno and a quadro fromaggio. Please, enjoy your meal.
I had really loved it today.
Come over here.
Do you want to get a glass of wine for your mother?
No way!
Most people find life too short ...
But for some people life is perhaps too long.
I think it is too long for my mother.
In Memory of Dunya
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