Purana Mandir

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Around 200 years ago...
...Raja Hariman Singh ruled the kingdom of Bijapur.
...In those times people believed in and feared supernatural powers.
And the person responsible for this public terror was...
...A Devil...
Once Raja Hariman was on his way to Bijapur with his daughter...
...when the wheels of the Royal cart were broken.
How much more time do you need, Kotwan?
Just a few minutes more, Your Highness!
Where is the Princess Rupali?
She was here only a while ago, Your Highness.
Ms Princess!
She shouldn't have gone anywhere at this time!
This is the area of Saamri.
Why are you looking at my face? Go and search for her. Go!
Sepoys! Arrest him!
Search. Search for him. That Devil has come this side.
Let's go!
Let's go. Hurry up!
This royal order decrees that...
...Saamri using his Black evil powers...
...spread terror and killed many in the state of Bijapur...
You're declared guilty of...
...stripping naked newly wedded brides...
...and then violating them...
You're also declared guilty...
...that to satisfy your satanic wishes you...
...killed young and innocent kids brutally...
...and drank their blood.
You've committed such barbaric inhuman, fiendish acts...
...that even a devil would think twice before doing them...
You're also declared guilty..
...that to aggrandize your Black evil powers you...
...dig out the graves...
...ate the putrescent dead bodies...
Your Highness!...
Let's kill him!
He should be engraved alive...
Your Highness!...
My opinion is that...
...this bloodthirsty monster...
...should be burned to ashes in the holy fire and killed forever.
No, my Teacher...
His head...
...would be chopped of his body.
...and his headless body...
...would be buried in the ruins behind the temple.
And his head...
...will be placed under my watch in the palace.
...so that his head and body shall not be conjoined again.
I have a request, Your Highness...
This Trident associated with Lord Shiva shall also be placed...
...with his head.
So that the power of this monster...
...be rendered emasculated.
Hey Raja Hariman Singh!
My imprisonment and cutting off of my head...
...will bring an evil curse on you and your family.
And as long as my head and body will be separate...
The women in your family, at the birth of their first child,...
...will die.
And the day this head and body are conjoined...
...that will be the last day for you and your family.
And thus Raja Hariman Singh separated the devil's head...
...from his body.
In Palighat, behind the temple of Lord Shiva...
...near the ruins...
...the headless body was buried.
And the head was ensconced in a wooden box.
...the box was secured with iron chains.
Raja Hariman Singh...
...had this box kept in a dungeon at his palace.
The holy Trident associated with Lord Shiva...
...was put on the box.
At the entrance of the dungeon...
...a wall was erected.
and the head of the Devil, Saamri...
...was hidden from the gaze of the people.
Raja Hariman Singh's portrait was hung on that wall.
And thus, the horrific legend of Saamri was sealed in the dungeon.
Time erased the era of the brave.
The portraits of Sher Khan,
Raj Guru Balbir Singh,
and Royal army commander Veer Singh were...
...covered by the gloomy dust of time.
...and, of course, Raja Hariman Singh died too.
After him, the reign of Bijapur state came into the hands of...
...King Prithvi Pal Singh.
...and down many generations came King Ajit Singh.
After Ajit Singh...
...Thakur Ranveer Singh was enthroned.
The palace was shredded in the storm of rushing time.
The palace and stories associated with it were forgotten.
People left their palaces and migrated to cities...
The last in the line of Hariman Sigh...
...is this Thakur Ranveer Singh...
Streaks of royal lifestyle and comforts...
...still remain in him.
But the fear of Saamri's return makes...
...Thakur Ranveer Singh restless and even shudder.
Sir! -Yes!
Your signature is required on these documents.
Give me a pen!
Did you make the payment to Chavahat Swamy?
Yes sir!
Did Suman leave for college?
What do you say, dad?!!
Has your daughter ever left for college without seeing you?!
...that I might do so today.
And even I have come running...
...that our little doll might be waiting for me.
Come on, dad! Am I still a little doll?!
Look, how big I have grown! I come to your shoulders!
Your daughter has, indeed, grown up!
...has grown up!?!?
What's the matter, dad?
What are you thinking about?
Nothing, my child!
I was just thinking that...
...you...if you were getting late for the college!?
Ok, dad! Bye, dad! -Bye!
Bye, Aunt!
I understand your apprehensions, brother!
I wish I were able to share your sorrows!
In this world...
...every father prays for his children to grow up...
...I am such an unlucky father...
...who prays that in this house there be no wedding...
...and all this just because of the curse round this palace.
So the prince has arrived!
I've been waiting for the past one agonizing hour.
What are you staring at?
Only one close-up!
Every time you want to close-up me!...
You rascal!
Let go of my wrist!
Let go of it!
Sorry! -It's not your fault...
Actually, even I was looking the same girl as you.
You naughty! I'll give you a nice slap!
You fool!...
You are just clicking pictures, yet!
What's the cause of restraint, my dear?
Heroine's father!
You mean her father knows about your liaison?
Not yet, my friend!
Mean you are still lost into fantasy land?
Hurry up, dear!...
...you'll find yourself lying in bed all alone.
Lo behold! Your dream girl is coming!
Hi Anand!
How are you? -Fine.
How is your wife? -Perfect!
What were you whispering about?
This gentleman was showing me bed!
I did not understand.
I'll explain you in person!
Yes, Anand! Tonight there is a cabaret programme here...
...Do come!
And Anand, bring your wife along too!
Can't say...
I'll have to watch the cabaret show from my home.
I am already late by 45 minutes!
The first question she will ask is...
Where were you for 45 minutes?
and what were you doing there?
...and who was with you?
'I am alone and the night is lovely!'
'You don't know where I come from!'
'I have a thousand admirers. Yet, I feel so lonesome.'
Yes, I am!
'I am. Indeed I am'
I am lonely!
Yes! I am!
'I am alone and the night is lovely!'
'You don't know where I come from!'
'I have a thousand admirers. Yet, I feel so lonesome.'
'I am alone and the night is lovely!'
'You don't know where I come from!'
'There rests a world in my eyes!'
'I don't know who are they inviting today"
'Let him follow my cue.'
'His presence will enhance the loveliness of this evening'
'I wish he becomes...'
'I truly wish he becomes...'
'....my companion'
'My Lover'
'My Paramour'
'My inamorato'
'I am alone and the night is lovely!'
'You don't know where I come from!'
'Only those who love, know what's heartache'
'You and I can not understand that'
'Who can distinguish here between dream and reality'
'Here, everyone is a companion...'
'Here, everyone is a companion...'
'...for the time being'
'...only temporarily'
'I am alone and the night is lovely!'
'You don't know where I come from!'
'I have a thousand admirers. Yet, I feel so lonesome.'
'I am alone and the night is lovely!'
Dad, I have returned!
I am sorry, dad!
I've again come late!
Dad, actually what happened, you know, my old friend..
Niki...Niki.....She met me on my way back!
She took me all the way to her home despite my reluctance.
...there her mom and dad would not let me go...
They said we won't let you go until after dinner.
You had your dinner, dad?
Who is this guy?
This is Sanjay, dad.
He is a very good person.
If you meet him...
You will never meet him, again.
Dad, please. Dad! You meet him only once, dad.
He is a very good guy, dad. He's very gentle, kind and innocent.
Dad, you just meet him once. I am sure you'll like him, dad.
The blood of our family has not become so thin and cheap...
...that it could be offered to a street urchin.
I knew Suman...
...that one day your rich father...
...will create a class barrier between us and our love.
Sanjay, you should him once, nonetheless.
I am sure that after meeting you, he'll change his mind.
No, Suman!..
I do not want to ridicule myself.
Now, I came to know...
...how lousy and disobeying a daughter you are!
...and this penniless urchin...
...is enemy of his own life.
You feather-brained...!
You can't dream of lighting a lamp of the palace in your dark shanty.
In the process, you might burn down your own shanty.
At least, there will be light no matter whatever burns...
That light will be momentary...
Even a momentary light of love is sufficient for a poor.
Your love isn't love but an expression of youthful lust...
How much money will you have?
Tell me how much money do you want?
...to go away from the life of my daughter!
Lovers do not trade their love in exchange of money.
First, you besmirched our reputation...
...and now you're talking back at me!!!
Bump him off!
Leave him!
Let him go! Dad, please!
Dad, Let him go!
Dad, dad! Please stop them!
You bastard! You hit my friend!?!
Come ,come! You pets of Thakur!
Bastards, where are you running now!?!?
Pigs fled!!!
I don't understand one thing...
...If Suman likes you then why does Thakur have an objection.
I've objected in the past. I object it now and will object evermore.
I can't let the name and honour of our family be insulted and belittled
Even if you've to kill this girl?!?
It's not me but that leech who wants to kill her.
That urchin wants to take her away from me for good...
But I...
I will never let this happen.
I won't even allow his shadow to get to her.
Why don't you make her understand even as you know everything?
Explain to her...
Or...or...there will be insufferable consequences!...
Who is it?
Who are you?
I said who are you?
Who are you? You, who has been cursing death to our...
...family for decades.
How many more lives you wanna kill?!...
How many more lives you shall take?
You will not kill her...
You can not take away my daughter from me...
Dad, dad!
What happened, dad? -What happened, brother?
Nothing happened.
Go to your rooms!
You will never again meet Sanjay!
And if he tries to meet you...
...then I shall shoot him dead.
Why are you still standing here?
Go away, go!
Get away from here!
'I remember those days spent together'
'I reminisce every moment that I spent with you'
'...the moments in your embrace.'
'that lovely smile of yours'
'the blush of shyness on your cheeks!'
'that spring in the month of December'
'the wetness and vigour of winter'
'Where is that season: I miss those moments of love'
'I remember those conversations'
'I remember those nights'
'I reminisce every moment that I spent with you'
'...the moments in your embrace.'
'I remember your loving caresses..'
'...your lowering of eyelids in coy embarrassment'
'I still feel the soft touch of those delicate lips'
'Why did you leave me after lighting this flame of passion'
'Only memories of those moments remain'
I love you!
Something is happening to me!
I do not want to die!
Thakur, save me!
Save me!!!
Come, Suman!
I have come to return you your family's honour...
I could have had this lamp to light my shanty...
But the reason why I didn't do that was...
...because I was afraid this might burn down your own palace
I'll take leave!
Take this revolver...
...shoot one bullet at her...
...and the other one on me.
I...I...do not regret the loss of my own life...
I just regret that you've, in a way, won over me.
...Because you yourself would run away from her...
...if I told you the truth...
The truth!?!?
What truth, dad?
This is...a secret!
What secret?
This I can't tell you!
You'll have to tell me this secret of yours...
No, no, no!
I can't tell you. I can't tell you.
This secret...
This is a curse which has been...
...pursuing and afflicting our family for 200 years like...
...a shadow of death.
...hearts from coming together.
You'll have to tell us, dad. Please, let us know.
Yes, sir! Please tell us...
If you so insist...
Come with me!
Do you see that palace in the picture?!?!
This palace is such a bane for our family...
...which we couldn't erase even after sacrificing many lives...
...Anyone connected to this palace...
...any mother from this family...
...dies at delivering their first child...
...Dad, this can be your illusionary belief...
...This is no misbelief. This is the truth. This is the truth...
...You believe in these things, in today's times!?!?
I never go by hearsay...
I have seen it with my own eyes..
The day...
The day Suman was born...
...her mother Bharati was accursed and snatched away from us...
Something is happening to me!
Are you ok?
I don't want to die...
Doctor! -Thakur, save me!
Save me!
What's the matter, doctor?
What's the matter, doctor?
I don't know, sir!...
I can't understand...your wife.. -What happened to Bharati?....
Your go inside and see for yourself!
Even after knowing all this...
...if you don't go away from her...
...then I should assume you don't love Suman.
...rather you might as well be her enemy...
And You, feather-brained, left her.
How foolish she might think of you?
You don't know Anand...
How much I love her!!!
I can't even live without her...
Do you hear me!
I can not live without her, Anand!
And if, today,...
...you'd listened to that story... -All that is rubbish!
All this is their imagined beliefs.
You here!?
We will go to Bijapur.
Yes, Sanjay, to that palace...
...which is the cause of our separation...
No, Suman, no!
You'd better...forget me!
I can not sacrifice your life to get loved...
As long as your friend is there, no one can harm your Suman!
I am with you!
And, if need be, my friend,
...I won't hesitate to risk my life..
Will you also come along with us.
Not only me. My wife will come too!
...and Suman will have a company too!
Does your father know that you... -No, he doesn't.
I did not meet him before leaving.
...but I left him a letter...
Take it, sir!
What a trouble, brother! What happened?
What a tragedy, brother? -What happened?
Suman is not in her room. -What?
This...this letter I found in her room...
I can't live without Sanjay.
If this family curse is the reason of our separation...
...we'd like to exorcise it once and for all...
We are going to Bijapur...
...to the old palace...
I would again say, Anand...
...both of you should return back...
Why do you want to endanger your life for our sake!?....
I'll give you such a tight all that all your teeth would come out.
In friendship, one is prepared even to risk his life...
...If there really is a bloody curse on our family...
...why should we let you two to incur that upon you...
Come on! There isn't really any such thing...
...this is just a figment of your dad's imagination...
...which is worrying you needlessly...
Why did you stop the car?
Damn it!
What happened?
The tire got punctured.
See! how would you need my help on this trip!...
...It got punctured...
...Now, we might reach Bijapur by the next birth...
Ooh! This had to happen too!...
We are done!
What happened, now?!
I forgot the jack.
Did you all hear him?!
You don't worry, my dear...
What am I here for?!
You take the wheel, I'll jack the car...
Ranveer Singh!...
...now is your daughter's turn.
She will meet the same fate...
...as your wife.
You...you can't do that!
Take it away.
He got a heart attack.
He needs full rest.
In such condition, he can't go on a journey to Bijapur.
It looks to be a very old temple...
Yes, friend!
Rather than travelling further at night in this wilderness...
...we should spend the night here.
Yes, indeed!
What say, Suman?
Yes, Sanjay! Anand is right!
...and we're so tired...
It seems there is no caretaker staying at the temple.
Who will stay here, Anand!?!...
...Is it fun to climb up and down 200 steps on a daily basis...
You might be used to it. I am not.
Hail Lord Shiva!
It is so strange, Anand...
What happened?
There isn't a Trident in the hand of Lord's statue.
Come on... When there isn't a caretaker in this temple...
...who do you think is looking after these nitty-gritties!
Friend, we've received the blessing of the Lord...
...now we should turn to the deity...
What deity?
The deity of food!
I am famished!
My stomach is churning.. -Yeah, yeah!
What are you doing here?
Why don't you speak?
What happened?
I saw.... -Yes...
What did you see?
I saw a dead body, Sanjay.
...It's head was missing...
It was reaching for me...
Sanjay, that headless body wanted to kill me.
You're talking like a crazy person!
I heard some strange screaming voices...
Strange screaming voices!?
A dead body which is walking and is headless!
There is nothing here.
You're too tired. You might have had a nightmare
Come on!
This person seems to be from around this area...
He must know the way to the palace.
I'll be right back. -I'll come along.
Be back soon.
Brother, can you tell me the way to Bijapur's palace?
The palace of Bijapur.
Thakur Hariman Singh's Palace.
Where is it, brother?
What happened?
He's a peculiar man!
He was telling the address as if he wanted to hack us.
Let's go!
Not a single person is seen here!
There must, at least, be a watchman.
You two wait here... -Ok!
We'll go and check.
Garden Caretaker!
Is there anybody?
I just saw a flicker from a lantern.
There is no one here!
Let's go!
What happened? What happened to you?
There, near the car. Somebody is there.
Anand, ask this woman who she is.
Who are you?
Why don't you speak?
She is mute!
She is my Mom!
name Mangli
And who are you?
Where is the watchman?
I am the watchman here.
name Durjan!
Who are you?
We've come from Bombay.
This is Suman, Thakur Ranveer Singh's daughter.
It's an honour to meet you!
After years, someone from the royal has come.
Come, come!
Come in.
Come on in!
This is her grandfather, Raja Pratap Singh's palace.
This is the portrait of your grandfather Raja Pratap Singh.
And this is your great grandfather Raja Ajeet Singh.
You keep looking at your ancestors’ portraits...
...we're off to sleep.
I am feeling sleepy too.
Ok, Good night! -Good night!
This is the portrait of Raja Hariman Singh.
Your grandfather's grandfather.
What happened?
This picture is too attractive...
Don't know why but I feel as if this portrait want to tell me something
Come on Suman!
Let's go!
How was the night?
Just superb!
Lying on the royal bed, I just kept dreaming royal dreams.
...a king
...and Sapna: I dreamt her to be a queen.
Suman, what happened?
Why have you come here?
Meal hasn't been cooked!
As there was no fuel they couldn't light the stove.
Durjan told me to bring the woods. I'll get going now.
Such a peculiar man is he!
I am leaving.
What's the matter, sir?
Had you called him here?
What for?
How will I do the cooking without woods!?
And Saanga supplies woods to every house in the village.
Don't call him here ever again!
Let's go Sanjay!
So beautiful is this lake!
So lovely is the scenery!
And in such a romantic place...
...rather than doing some romance, that fool is taking exercise.
When will you stop it?
Please, stop!
Now, enough!...Or I shall leave.
I am coming, my lady.
Tell me, what's the matter?
Nothing, dear!....
If you come any closer I'll melt like a candle and...
...only the the thread will remain.
You won't understand it my dear..
...how important it is to have a muscular physique nowadays.
Physique, physique, physique; you always think about your physique
...and never about me.
India's population will increase further
Argh! why are you talking dirty?!
I am going. -But where?
To hell!
Darling, this is not a hell but surely a hellish forest...
You might get eaten up by a beast.
Let it be. Unlike you, At least, he'll notice me. You just keep exercising
Go, go, go. By all means go... But if you face any danger...
...just call my name.
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
You rat's shit!...
How many of them?
I said how many of them?
There was only one man, sir!
One against six...
...and even then you returned defeated!?!?
You eunuchs!!!
Shame on you...
You rat's shit...
Sambha, What's the prize on my head announced by Murdar Singh..
15000 rupees... A staggering 15000 rupees!
But you bastards...
...You besmirched my name in the mud kneaded with kerosene
...you'll get reward for your failure...
...By all means you shall get it.
Gabbar Singh shot them dead... I will feed you bullets to death.
Help me get up. Help me rise up....
Oh my! you collapsed yourself!
Get up! Get up!
I'll have you eat bullets...
Eat what?!...
These are pills to induce loose motion!
Last year you had given it to 12 people...
All of them are still in the forest performing their natural function.
You appear to be very clever!
All said and done!...
But what will we do with Murdar Singh?
Murdar Singh...
...you're frail old but still like to jog around...
...you seem to have strong legs...
...very strong legs...
Murdar Singh! Give me your legs!
Give me your fu***** legs!
Sir! -yes?
Why are you putting nails on your shoes?
To beat and bleed Mosquito Singh!
He chopped off both my hands...
My name is Murdar(Dead) Singh...
He has inflamed the flames of revenge...
I will kick him with my nailed shoes!
Mosquito Singh!
Give me your hands!...
Give me these hands!...
Have mercy!!!
Our leader Murdar! -Be hailed!
Our leader Murdar! -Be hailed!
Our leader Murdar! -Be hailed!
My Lord!
My Leader!
My Lord! I am ruined. I am finished.
What's the matter, Basanti?
How do I tell you! I feel so ashamed to tell you all this
If you feel so ashamed, I won't be able to deliver justice.
That bastard deflowered me!
In other words, he raped you...
...You were raped for second time!
Who did it this time?
Who else can it be except he!
That mosquito!
Mosquito bit you for second time.
Sir, If that mosquito attacks for the third time, there shall be a
...spread of malaria in the village.
Malaria will not spread!
We will spray TDT(a mosquito-killing chemical substance) everywhere.
We shall sprinkle even kerosene to kill the bloody mosquito.
Announce this message to one and all!
Shall I serve the dinner?
...Serve it.
What do you know about this palace?
This palace is a mystery, sir!
From my ancestors, I've heard many stories associated with this palace.
But, during the reign of king Hariman Singh...
...a tragic incident took place...
...whose evil shadow is still lurking around this palace.
Tribesmen from neighbourhood say...
...that this palace...
...has a deep connection with the ancient temple of Palighat
Place it there...
...and get away...
Just a while ago, this city freak was asking me about this palace.
Don't get it! What have they come here for?
But I get it...
I do get it...
These people have come for the treasure...
...which is buried somewhere around this palace.
Whenever I talk about that treasure-hoard...
...I don't know what happens to your mom.
My mother knows many things about this palace but...
...Being mute she is not able to tell us all those stories.
But I have told you so many times...
...that there is a treasure-hoard in this palace...
...somewhere in this very palace!
Are you sure?
Is there really a treasure trove in this palace?
If there wasn't any then why these people have come...
...all the way in this dreary, quiet wild palace?
Let me now take a pic of both of you together.
What! This isn't a passport photo. Give a romantic pose.
Now, I can't even see into the lens!
Anand...fishes here are very clever.
They do not take the bait.
Bamboo? What language she's speaking?
I guess she is saying...
'Shall I help you with catching the fishes?'
How will she help me?!?!
She is drowning!
Dear, she's angry!
Let's go away from here. I don't any fish from here.
Fishes can be bought at the market.
I am famished. Bring it..... -Shut up Anand!
Bring the food. Serve the meal fast. -Shut up!
Dinner is ready! -Oh my God!
This is a fish or a crocodile?!
Suman has brought this crocodile in anger...
...so that after having this, you never will try to bait any more fish
Anand, these women are always suspecting...
Yes, they are.
Suman, come down fast. The meal will become cold.
Take the pictures later.
Ok, I am coming.
This is the last click.
What happened?
In...In....In that picture!
What's there in that picture?!
I don't see anything!
Come on Suman! The meal is turning cold.
What happened?
I just saw an ugly horrible face in that portrait.
His body was missing and it was bleeding profusely.
Suman, you are just freaked out.
You saw a headless dead body in the Old Temple....
And here, in this portrait...
you see a head chopped off a body...
We can write a good script, really!
You don't believe me!?
Alright! let's go and have the dinner.
Who is this donkey riding a donkey?
He is not a donkey but a race horse, my dear!
He has a prize of 1500 rupees on his head!
Oh, did I just guess you intend to capture him?
Of course!
...if we get the opportunity.
You just watch, how I am gonna capture this ass with his donkey.
'Charming Krishna teased me by the water fountain...'
'Charming Krishna teased me by the water fountain...'
'Charming Krishna teased me by the water fountain' -Saambha!
She is my to-be consort Basanti!
Basanti! -Good Lord!
Save me, God!
Your pot smashed! Smash went your pot!
No, sir!.....
Let me go...Let me go!
Brother, I plead with folded hands, let me go!
With folded hands!...
...Or with blinking eyes...
I won't do anything to you. I won't even touch you.
See, I just held back...
But...I just wanna see you dance.
I don't know how to dance.
You slut!...Don't fool me around.
Who are you?...
Is this a human hand or the trunk of an elephant?!
Let me get some air. Some air...
Now I got some air.
I got some air now.
Come with me. -But where?
To Sardar Murdar Singh!
I will get the award of 1500 rupees by handing you over to him.
But what will I get?
The noose to be hanged.
The noo...noo....noose!...
This is the dreaded dacoit. -He's the devil. -He's that fiend...
Bring that bastard!
'My offering has its own dimension My offering has its own dimension'
'This is the season of selfishness. Nothing but selfishness.'
Mosquito Singh! -Yes, Lame Singh!
You've committed such horrible crimes..
But all those crimes had their own blending of carnal desires.
Hadn't they, Basanti?
Leaving the nubile girls of the village jilted...Breaking their hearts...
Shattering the dreams of those young beauties...
...You liaisoned with 70 year old Basanti...
Whether Basanti is 70 year old or 16 year old...
...she is the flowing river of love and reverence like Ganges.
Even as you're standing at the gallows... -It's good!
...you're insulting this old hag!
Whoa, whoa!...I am just insulting and not violating her...
I will have you bashed up so hard that you'll forget your pimping
Take him away. Away to the noose.
You needn't hang me. I shall hang myself.
There is no rope whose noose could dare strangulate me..
Fuck off, You baldy!
You needn't interrupt when two grown-ups are talking...
Basanti, I'll return to take you along...
Boss, he fled!
You flee, too!...
Next time I capture him...
...I will kick around your dead body along with his wearing...
...nailed shoes.
Who are you?
Are you Sunny Deol riding that fabled horse...
I was furious.
I was outraged.
If I could I would have squeezed his nipples...
Whoa! are you my rescuing angel...
Reveal your face and bless me with a glance...
You had me captured.. -And I had you released too.
Why did you all this?
This is a business -What kind of business is it?
Let me have the detail!
Look.. -Show!
I shall hand you over to Sardar, get the award of 1500 rupees
...rescue you from them...so that I could hand you over to him again
and thus get the monetary prize again and again for n number of times.
And what will be my share from that continuous income?
Twenty five percent!
And you'll take away 75 percent!?
You accept it or I'll take you take you to him.
Will not rescue you again.
You're very finicky with calculations!
Do you accept it?
Yes I accept it, 75 per cent! -What?
No, no, no. Just 25 per cent.
25% accepted -Good!
Now shake hands!
I shook. Shook it.....
Now you understood!
Here is your share.
What happened? -Suman!!!
Open the door, Suman!
Open the door, Suman!
That devil will kill me. He will kill me.
Take me away from here!
Take me away from here! -No, Suman, no!
Without fulfilling the mission for which we'd come here, we won't
There is no evil power here...
This is just a set-up to somehow frighten us into leaving this place.
And he is doing all this.
You will explain all this.
Answer me!
I said answer me, Durjan!
You can't deny what you see with your own eyes, sir.
This is not somebody’s prank...
...but the curse of the devil.
If you want to fathom this ghostly mystery...
...you might take some help from tribes people
Wear your clothes. I wish to speak to you.
I understand your language, Hindi.
I am draped in my clothes only.
Come here!
Lift me to your lap!
Lift me!
Will you stay with me?
I want you to stay with me.
Stay with you!?
Ok. But first, you....
You brought me here from Bombay to witness this lecherous drama!?...
It was very necessary to meet Bijli...
I know why it was necessary...
Will you come with me or go off with this bitch...
I told you It's necessary for me to go with her...
That means...
I am nobody to you now?
She is everything for you?
Let's go, Bijli!
That's enough, Bijli!
Not any more!
I am already intoxicated by your smouldering eyes.
Up till now you have just felt in my eyes...
When my lips will buffet against yours, you'll experience the real...
'I remember those days spent together'
'I reminisce every moment that I spent with you'
'...the moments in your embrace.'
'My lolling in your bosom'
'your fingering with my tresses'
'All this went away with time'
'And now only memories remain'
'Why did you shatter my dreams?'
'That togetherness which existed in the past'
'Our shared happiness...'
'Love that we shared..'
'Affection that we felt for each other'
'My scarf slipping off..'
'Those inflamed passions'
'The love songs that we sang together'
'...All that is missing'
'All of them proved ephemeral'
'Why did you wake me up from my dreams?'
Come with me, dear!
Stop right there, city freak!
If you take one step ahead...
...then I swear by Black Cloud...
...this dagger will rip open your chest.
My dear!...
He's my brother!
How did you dare holding my sister's hand?
Who is this guy?
This is Sanjay, brother!
He wants to know something about the Old Temple and the palace...
If you try to fathom the secrets of the Old Temple and the palace,
...you'll lose yourself in the dark alleys of death.
Raka, these darkness of death can not keep me from achieving my aim...
What aim?!?...
Your achieving aim will ruin this village, this tribe.
Around 200 years ago...
...the curse which was buried into the ground...
...you'll exhume it; resurrect it.
No, man!
Go back to your city...
...and don't ever be seen again around this village.
I swear on Black Cloud...
...I'll slit your throat.
Your bluffing is not gonna change my mind.
And yeah,...Keep this at home and utilize it to cut vegetables.
Come on, Suman!
Did you really think that I left you for that wild species!?
Why don't you understand?
I had to fake to know the secrets of this palace.
Yes, Suman!
All this was a drama.
To reach the tribals.
I swear by you.
Now, give a smile.
Give me a smile!
The little pleasure I was getting, even that is gone.
You lazy bone!
You Desiccated Pumpkin!
You're messaging a body or polishing a shoe...
Do I look like a shoe to you?
I am Mosquito Singh!
My back is as strong as a brickwork.
Message it hard!
Who is clapping hands. Has my sweetheart arrived?
Oh it wasn't clapping sounds but that of a bullet fired...
I am going inside to safety.
Why did you all frightened? He is my man!
O my friend! What news have you brought.
It's a good news. The bounty on your head has been doubled.
But this time they’re not planning to hang you...
...then what will they do to me?
A new kind of punishment has been thought of for you.
And what is that?
This time you're they will just throw you into a cage with a bear.
This, indeed, is a good news!
It's been long since I last saw a bear.
What? in a cage with a live bear!
I'll be devoured in a second.
O clever! Think of a better rescue operation.
Why are so worried?
Look! The bear in the cage won't be a real bear...
I will be inside the cage wearing the hide of a bear.
O clever! you're truly shrewd!
Just like a wolf in the skin of a lion...
... you'll be guiled in the bear's hide.
And I will be there before you!
And I will shout out loud...
Dead Singh,
You are indeed lifeless!
You indeed are a dead fool!
At the points of daggers, you're gonna throw me in the cage...
...and thus you want to have me eaten alive.
O Blackie!...
You listen to me with your ears stretched.
You're looking good in that vertical position in that cage...
If you ever come out of the cage, I'll mince your flesh...
...and will sell it at the Rey Road in Byculla
I am Anand,
Therefore what?
That's a real bear inside!
Then it's real me!
I couldn't get the hide of a bear...
You didn't get the hide?
My goodness! Father, save me Grandpa, help me. Help me!
Boss, he fled again!
Then you flee again too!
That was not fair to me...
Mosquito Singh fled. I could belong neither there nor here.
Don't worry!
I will get you justice from both sides.
I will do such a great justice that even Jehangeer, the Just will...
...come down from heaven and will kneel before me.
I will marry you!
Oh my! Marriage and with you?
Your both hands are cut off!
So what?
Only hands are gone. What use are hands after marriage?!
We'll spend the first night after marriage in London.
By Air India...
There I'll get prosthetic hands.
Wow! that's very clever of you!
Even my teeth are fake I'll get prosthetic teeth there.
And one more thing. Actually I am completely bald.
I'll get a new wig in London!
Who is there?
Who is there?
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you, I'll kill you!
I'll kill you. I'll kill you.
I'll kill you....I'll kill you.... I'll kill you....I'll kill you....
I'll kill you. -Suman -I'll kill you.
What happed, Suman? -I'll kill him.
Leave me. I'll kill him.
Who you wanna kill? -That portrait...
I'll kill him in that portrait.
Suman!...I have told you so many times there is nothing in that portrait
Have you gone insane?
Come with me!
Ouch! My leg!
Aw, Anand. It seems even you have gone bonk like Suman!
How can a picture bleed!
Then from where did Suman get that blood on her hand!
There was no cut or wound on her hand.
This...all this is somebody's ploy.
And that crack on the wall behind that portrait...
Is that too is somebody's prank.
A crack? -Yes.
I just saw it with my own eyes.
A crack which perhaps goes to someplace inside...
And that path, I am sure, goes to some important place.
Anand, you check that side!
I will go this way! -Ok.
There is nothing here.
Did you find anything?
It's a very strange place.
It seems nobody has visited this place for ages.
See there!
A trident!?
What can be inside that box?
Let's check in!
I told you there's a treasure-hoard -Shshshshsh......
A head in this box!....
It might the head of some brave soldier.
...which his king must have ensconced in this box as a memento.
Tomorrow morning...
...we shall tell Durjan to brick up this wall.
Tomorrow morning, these will come here to gather the treasure.
Before they do so, we'll take it right away.
No! -Why?
We'll take away in the night.
When all of them will be asleep!
I'll be waiting for you with a horse-cart at the backdoor.
You meet me there after carefully taking the treasures!
Yes, you're right! You're right!
Let's go and wait till the lamps are turned off!
Let's go!
Sapna! Do it slowly. It hurts.
It seems she has badly twisted it...
Yeah! She'll have to rest in bed for at least two days.
You have to stop sauntering around for a while. Alright, Suman?
Our Suman will walk around, roam around and saunter around.
I found this wheelchair down and I brought it up here.
Thank you, Anand!
It's got late. We shall be off to sleep now!
Good Night!
No, no! Saanga, no! Stop!
Saanga! Don't do that!
You bastard!
Stop right there, you bastard! Stop right there!
You...you killed my mother.
I won't leave you live.
I...I won't let you take away this box.
I won't let you take away the treasure.
The treasure, I won't let you take away.
Something terrible has happened! Sir, A terrible thing has happened.
Sir, something terrible happened. Sir!!!
What happened, Durjan?
Why are you creating such a noise?
Sir! Stop Saanga!
He is off towards the Old Temple with the head, sir!
Sir, Come down fast and stop Saanga!
Come fast, sir! Down, hurry up!
Sir! -But Durjan...
Why is he taking the head to the Old Temple?
Because, sir, if satan Saamri's head has been found in this palace
...then, perhaps, the body is buried somewhere around the Old Temple..
If the head is conjoined with the body...
...the devil will resurrect, sir!
Sir, go...
...and stop Saanga, sir. Please, sir!
Go fast!
Go fast!
Faster, faster!
Stop, Saanga!
Stop, Saanga!
Faster! Drive faster!
Where did she go?
Where is Sapna?
She was right here!
What are these sounds?
Don't worry, daughter!
You stay here...
I will close the main gate of the palace and be right back
Anand, We shall check the ruins. -Let's go!
Anand! Coffin!
What happened?
Anand, Anand! -Yes, tell me what happened
Anand, he came! -Who came?
Anand, he'll kill me! -Who will kill you?
What happened? -Anand!
Where is Sapna?
Sapna?! Where is Sapna?
I have no clue about Sapna?
What? -Sapna left me alone!
Anand! -What happened?
What happened? - There is Sapna.
Stop right there, Sapna! -Don't step ahead, Sapna.
Stop! I said stop!
Sapna, don't go near that devil.
Stop, Sapna! Stop right there!
Don't go near him!
I don't fear death!
Reveal yourself!
I said, reveal yourself!
I won't spare you!
I won't spare you!
I won't spare you!
I won't spare you!
I won't spare you!
What happened to you, Sapna?
What happened?
Brother, what happened?
Why are you so panicked?
I just had a horrible dream...
This...this was a very strange dream.
Suman's life is in danger!
My god! -Yes!
No, it can't be
We shall not delay for a moment more.
We'll leave for Bijapur today!
Today itself!
Set them on fire... Don't spare them...
you resurrected the buried devil.
Now there will be such a dark tempest of death, it'll spare no one.
And you are the people responsible for this ruination.
I swear by the Black Cloud...
There's only on way to survive this tempest...
...Your lives should be sacrificed and offered to our deity.
Hail Cloud god!
'He who I loved is gonna die today'
'Today infidels will have to pay for their infidelity'
'He who I loved is gonna die today'
'Today infidels will have to pay for their infidelity'
'My dear, you are gonna pay your life for this'
'The death is to fulfill its promise'
'He who I loved..........'
'The season changed. With it he changed too'
'But fire moth will have return to his flame'
'The season changed. With it he changed too'
'But fire moth will have return to his flame'
'...and die buzzing around the flame'
'This has been happening for since beginning'
'He who I loved is gonna die today'
'Today, infidels will have to pay for their infidelity'
'He who I loved...
'The path towards love is beset with troubles'
'Will think if I really want to set off on it'
'The path towards love is beset with troubles'
'Will think if I really want to set off on it'
'Understand the cue and listen carefully to the call'
'Sometimes you win, Other times you lose everything'
'He who I loved is gonna die today'
'Today, infidels will have to pay for their infidelity'
'My dear, you are gonna pay your life for this'
'The death is to fulfill its promise'
'He who I loved...
Run, sir!
Leave him!
Raka. -Move aside!
I swear on the Black Cloud...
...I will cut this girl into pieces.
With my own hands...
I will offer her blood to Mahakaali.
If you want to save her...
...you'll have to fight a duel with me.
Raka..Raka..Raka.. Raka will win...
Raka! No, Raka!
I want that city dog alive or dead.
They must be hiding somewhere in the forest.
Come with me.
We won't stay here any longer...
We won't... -Yes.
We shall immediately leave for Bombay!
Yes, Suman. But first we'll have to find Anand.
He must have gone to the Old Temple in search of that devil.
Let's go!
Where is your friend?
Where have you hidden him.
Where is the killer of my sister?
Let me go.
I do not know their whereabouts.
Tell me, you bastard!
Or I'll skin you alive.
I told you I don't know.
Let me go. Presently, I am in a murderous frame of mind.
On the contrary, you’re in a suicidal frame of mind.
You bastard!
Let me go!
I repeat let me go.
Let me go!!!
Hail Cloud god!
To get to them, you'll have to cross this mountain.
Sanjay, you go away with Suman.
I will held him here for the time being.
Have you gone mad, Anand?
I can not leave you alone here!
Don't insist, Sanjay!
This fiend wants to kill Suman and her family...
He will kill Suman!
No, Anand, no! I can't leave you alone in the rotten jaws of death.
We've lived together, We shall die together.
No! you run and take Suman along!
Suman! Suman! -He is here to kill Suman.
Run away. Go away at once.
Run away!
Go away from here!
Take Suman away!
A true friend is ever ready to sacrifice even their lives for you
Dad, See yourself what happened!
Anand gave up his life to save ours.
And, dad,.....
...that devil killed Sapna as well.
To confront this devil is not possible for a human being.
Only one power can kill him.
And that is our father Lord Shiva.
Let's go...
To Him.
And pray to Him to save our lives.
'You are Lord. You are the Protector!'
'Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva!'
'You give life to every living being'
'You are the Provider'
'You give life to every living being'
'You are the Provider'
"You are the Saviour in the storm"
'you are the Lord of the heaven and the earth'
Hail Lord Shiva!
'You give life to every living being'
'You are the Guardian of mankind'
'You are the most exalted'
'Hail Lord Shiva!'
'You are the Survivor, You are the Supporter'
'Your worshipper is calling out to you'
'You are the Survivor, You are the Supporter'
'Your worshipper is calling out to you'
'Open your eyes...'
'Open your Third Eye and give us your blessings'
'Give salvation to this protector'
'This is an Old Temple of yours'
'We have worshipped you here since many generations!'
'Where is your Trident'
'Have you been defeated by the Devil?'
'This is an Old Temple of yours'
'We have worshipped you here since many generations!'
'Where have you lost your Trident?'
'Have you been defeated by the Devil?'
'Speak, You Supreme Being Speak, our Lord'
'This is an Old Temple of yours'
'We have worshipped you here since many generations!'
'Speak, our Lord!' -'This is an Old Temple of yours'
'We have worshipped you here since many generations!'
'This is an Old Temple of yours'
Speak! -'We have worshipped you here since many generations!'
I want that Trident.
Trident!? -Yes, Suman!
Lord Shiva's Trident...
'...by which we can kill that devil'
And I...I have seen that Trident somewhere in the palace.
Yes, Suman...
The Trident was here only!
Suman, that Trident was here. It was here.
Sanjay, Look there!
Suman, I had last seen this coffin at the Old Temple.
At the Old Temple!?
Yes, but...but, how did it come here?
Suman, that Trident must be somewhere around here.
...somewhere within this palace.
sanjay!! -Suman!
Suman, don't look into his eyes!
Don't look into his eyes, Suman!
Suman, stop right there! -Suman!
Suman, stop!
What are these sounds?
We'll check!
But..this devil...
As long as Lord Shiva's Trident is in there, this fiend...
...will not be able to come out of this coffin.
Let's go!
Let's burn down this palace. Let's char this palace to ashes.
Let the devil burn along with this haunted palace.
Citizens of Bijapur, stop right there!
You won't burn down this palace..
I need just half an hour...
...and within that half an hour..
...before your very eyes...
...I'll burn the devil to ashes.
Will burn him to ashes!
What if you could not overcome the satan within half an hour?
Then you go ahead and set this palace afire.
Agreed...Agreed...Agreed Agreed...Agreed...Agreed
Take this coffin and burn this devil to ashes at...
...the threshold of the village area.
Open it!
Open it!
Light the fire!
Let this fiend char to death!
Burn him!
I am proud of you, son!
You removed the curse that has been afflicting our family for 200 years
I am...I am really proud of you, my son.
Live long, dear!
Live long, son!