Truncated: Mega Man

Uploaded by pawdugan on 10.05.2012

So way back when in the year 20xx or possibly before who knows there's no
intro there's the cute whimsical place called MONSTEROPOLIS where's there's
this bearded fella named Dr Light or Wright or Kite or something who builds all
these robots for the benefit of mankind like one who hurls giant fucking fireballs
because for some reason that's helpful just like BombMan which bombs at
midnight and is in no way releated to his wussy little brother BomberMan who was
not created by Dr Light Wright Kite and his assistant Dr Wily who totally doesn't
look like a mad scientist bent on world domination and would plan on doing so
by reprogramming these robots to do his bidding then he's all like "HAHA DIDN'T
SEE THIS ONE COMING DID YA?" So Dr blahblahblah sends out ROCKMAN or
Megaman depending on you know stuff to kill everything which is really easy since
all the robots have weaknesses to the powers they use and for whatever reason
were stored in the ceiling in their rooms which you slurp up and use for the final
level which holy dear sweet fantastical feces this is hard with the new bosses
and boss rush and are you fucking kidding me and 5 hours later you reach Dr
Wily who's a complete wuss and he's all like SORRY and you're all like BEG FOR