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[Narrator] UIC's High School Jazz Festival isn't just for high school students.
Three UIC bands perform at mid-day:
the faculty combo, the student big band, and the student jazz ensemble.
[Jazz music]
[Narrator] This year, the festival will add an evening concert with a nationally known artist,
2012 Grammy winner Howard Levy, on jazz harmonica and piano.
He'll play with the jazz ensemble, after the faculty combo opens.
[Joel Spencer] "Just culturally we've become familiar with harmonica in American folk music.
Of course, folk music during the fifties, certainly with someone, an artist like Bob Dylan,
Howard is a jazz harmonica player."
[Zvonimir Tot] "It's a simple harmonica that any blues player uses except that, uh,
rather than just playing a few notes that the instrument is designed to do,
Howard figured out a technique, to, in order to be able to play a full range of piano notes on that instrument.
And he essentially single-handedly revolutionized the instrument when he was still a teenager."
[Joel Spencer] "This being the third year of the festival, I think there is always
a lot of talk about do we want to extend the Jazz Festival day, the day for us to entertain,
educate high school students and create something in the evening, and create a concert,
that, you know, hopefully not only are they going to attend, but something that appeals to the public."
[Narrator] For UIC jazz students, preparing to play with a big name is a learning experience.
[Joel Spencer] "Let's listen to Howard. Let's get a feel for what he's doing.
It's not only the kind of homework that rehearsal takes, but it's also preparing your ear
and understanding an artist by ear. Understanding their sound, and their style."
[Announcer] For high school bands, the festival is a chance to be critiqued by the noted jazz
musicians on UIC's faculty, and to get a preview of jazz education here.
[Zvonimir Tot] "It's very interactive. Some festivals, bands get adjudicated in writing,
they receive their evaluations, and that's about it. But, we wanted this to be a more
interactive experience for the students so each performance is followed by
a mini master class by the faculty."
[Announcer] The daytime festival is free. Tickets to the evening concert are $10.
Call 312-996-6068.
For UIC Media, I'm Anne Ranallo.
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