The This Evening Show (A SuperNoob Production)

Uploaded by TheAmazingSuperNoob on 11.09.2012

Welcome to my show folks, here with us today is Barrack Obama, Michelle
Something Something, and some other peeps too.
They're here to convince us to vote for them in the election.
I agree.
I am Barrack Obama.
Make your vote count; vote Obama.
I am Wonder Woman in the disguise of a black man.
That's what she said!
Barrack Obama out.
Anybody got a tissue?
My nose is running.
Also running is me, for president of the United States of America.
Vote for me, a man with not only a sense of pride but a sense of humor.
My farts are so noxious that if I fart in an air-tight container I fall unconscious.
What the American people need is a leader
that's name doesn't have two first names in it, bollocks.
Dogs nutsacks to you, John.
Get this into your fat head: You are not only a terrible politician and a
terrible man, but your surname sounds like boner. So fuck you John Boehner.
My name is Michelle Bachman and I am the only good candidate on this couch.
I am not immature and I am not black...
... two great qualities and in person.
Vote Bachmann (subliminal message!).
Vote Bachmann (another subliminal message!).
Screw you Michelle.
I was serious when i was asking for that tissue earlier on.
Anyone got a tissue?
...I am so cold and alone.
I am Wonder Woman. Even my thongs have the heroic initials of WW (Wonder Woman) imprinted on them.
Time's up folks!
The debates over.
Switch on over to channel 88 tomorrow at six o'clock for more
presidential debates and pointless chatter on The This Evening Show. Goodnight.