Handmade Duck Tape Ipad Cover

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 19.07.2012

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Who would have thought, another use for Duck Tape.
These Duck Tape sheets are precut perfectly
to make an iPad case.
We're going to use felt to line the inside of your case
to protect your iPad.
First we're going to start peeling off the back
of your Duck Tape sheet.
Here's a tip to keep it straight.
We're going to line it up perfectly
with the edge of the felt.
Peel a little corner off and slowly peel off the back
as you stick it down.
Now we're going to trim around the edges of our Duck Tape.
You're going to do this with another piece of felt
and another piece of Duck Tape,
but instead of cutting the top portion off,
you're going to leave that to make a flap to close your case.
Now we're going to use a roll of Duck Tape
to cover up this felt and make our flap.
Be sure to leave about 1/2 an inch of adhesive
sticking out at the top.
We're going to use the roll of Duck Tape once again
to cover the adhesive
and to make the inside flap of our iPad case.
Now we're going to take the two pieces of felt
face together, like this...
and Duck Tape along both sides and the bottom.
Only cover half the sides
so you can fold it over and enclose the case.
For the last step, put the Velcro dots on.
Now your case is finished and your iPad is protected.
There are so many colors and patterns to choose from.
Check more out at michaels.com.
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