Bike into Bagger Part 3 of 3 TOTW Transformation

Uploaded by CruiserCustomizing on 02.04.2010

Bike and the Bagger Part 3, tip of the week from Cruiser Customizing.
What a ride, Chris. Alright, so now we’ve essentially gotten to our rally fully faring’d,
bagged, luggage’d, and everything that we would need to get to our next motorcycle rally
Now the key of this Bike and the Bagger tip of the week is not only protecting yourself
from the elements and being able to carry all of the storage you need, but to still
have your badass boulevard cruiser when you get to the rally, so you don’t have to ride
completely faring’d and bagged up while you’re at your destination.
Take a look over the next few minutes at how we transform these two bikes back into boulevard
cruisers so we can more fully enjoy the rally.
Here we’ve got the Sport Tech faring on this VTX and the Memphis Shades BatWing on
this V-Star 1300. Now there is a key differentiator--this is detachable, and this absolutely quick-release.
Come to this side and take a look.
With this Memphis Shades faring we’re going to pull the lock forward and flip this lever
up on both sides and then we step to the front of the motorcycle with a little bit of a pull
then a lift, we have now removed this faring and carry it into our hotel room.
Now this is another piece of luggage from Saddleman. It comes with their quick-disconnect
kit, so what we’re going to do, we’re going to hit these four straps and this piece
can now also be carried right into the room with just these couple clips remaining on
the motorcycle.
Next we’ve got the Saddlebags. We open the bags. On the inside here we’ve got these
two quarter-turns, quarter-turn and pull, quarter-turn and pull, and then the bag slips
off the mounts. You can repeat it on the other side, quarter-turn, quarter-turn, bag removed.
Here on the VTX, removal’s a little bit different. On the VTX we’ve got an allen
key that’s going to help us remove the faring.
On each side of the motorcycle we’re going to have these two allen bolts that I’m going
to go ahead and remove and then the faring will pull straight off. Now I move on over
here to other side while holding the faring in place I’m going to remove the last bolt
and now this faring will pull right off the mounts.
This here is the grand tour tank bag from KuryAkin.
And now I’ve got the Mustang saddlebags with the easy bracket docking system. Take
a look: a twist of the key and this saddle-bag is off.
A turn of this key and this saddlebag is off. Now for carrying these busting bags in the
room with the easy brackets attached to them I can take these easy-ties and slide it up
and lock into place.
And now, in one fell swoop, I can carry these saddlebags to my room.
Now, this is what we’ve got, we’ve now got naked boulevard cruisers. It’d be easy
to actually adjust these posts, the side of the mount leave just this bracket, and other
than that, these bikes are naked and ready to cruise the boulevard in true cruiser style.
If you’re curious about what was in our luggage, what made these bikes rally ready,
tune in next week to see some of the rally ready tips that we’ve got coming in your