DIY Beaded Bracelet ✧ Simple and Chic!

Uploaded by cheesestreet on 23.01.2013

Hey everyone, so today I have a really
easy DIY jewelry tutorial for you guys.
I'd seen a picture a few months back on Pinterest
showing this kind of bracelet. So I tried it out and I loved the way it looked so I
thought I'd show you guys how to do it!
so first you're going to need a safety pin
then you're going to need some really sharp scissors to cut the cord.
and maybe some pliers depending on the findings you're using.
you're also going to need some clear nail polish to seal the knot and some waxed
linen cord.
and pick whatever bead you like, as long as it has a big enough opening.

So you're going to want to cut three pieces of the waxed linen cord.
these are about fifteen inches long, but i have kind of small wrists, so if you have
bigger wrists, then be a little bit more generous.
So I'm tying the top in a knot, but I'm leaving a little bit more out the top
than I usually would.
this just gives a little bit more room for error when you're attaching the findings.

Then I'm just threading the safety pin through the knot, and securing it to
the tea towel at the top of the screen.
just to provide a little bit more stability.

now we're ready to get going. I'm going to start with just a basic braid
so if you don't know how to do that, just follow along, keep moving the outer piece to the middle.
Once you've got about an inch braided, you're ready to start putting on the beads.
So taking the piece of cord that is due to be braided next, thread your first
bead on to that piece.

so once you have the bead in place, just move that piece of cord into the middle
as though you're just continuing the braid.
so the only thing we're doing differently here is just adding beads to the braid.
that's the key to this, it's really really easy!
so being sure to hold on tightly to the two pieces of cord that
you're not using
take next piece that is due to be braided
thread your bead on there, and do the same thing that you just did, just continue
the braid and braid
that bead into the braid.
I'm sure saying "braid" a lot! Hah!

so there you have the
beginnings of the bracelet.
i'm just gonna go a little bit faster now and fast-forward through the next
few stages it's just the same thing, braiding more beads into it.
It takes about
fifteen minutes, I'd say, per bracelet. It depends on how
dexterous your fingers are and how good you are at it. it
it starts off a bit slow, but once you get good at it you can really whiz through this.
now i'm just comparing the length with a bracelet that I've already completed.
And I'm seeing that it's about the right length for my small wrists.
so i'm just going back to the braid to finish it off.
Now I'm just attaching my findings. So for one end I'm using a metal circle
and I'm going to braid that into the braid.

and then to tie it off, i'm taking the one piece that is due to be braided next
and i'm just tying it around the other two pieces
I'm doing that twice, just to be secure.

and for the other end I'm just using the claw findings
and I'm using my pliers to attach it to the knot.
now I'm taking those really sharp scissors
and cutting the ends off of the knot.
then I'm taking some
clear nail polish and dabbing that onto the knot for
some extra comfort and security
so there you have it, a really really easy DIY bracelet.
Thanks for watching, guys!
have a great day!