Autodesk Revit: Configuring the User Interface

Uploaded by AutodeskBuilding on 11.05.2012

The user interface of a Revit OneBox installation can be configured to expose or hide tools on the ribbon, so that you can create a user interface
focused on a particular workflow.
To specify which tools are exposed, open the Application menu, and click the Options button.
In the Options dialog, select User Interface from the list on the left.
In the Configure section of the dialog, click to select a set of tools to display in the interface, or clear the check box to hide those tools.
For example, a Mechanical designer who is only working on the HVAC systems for the building may want only the mechanical tools and
mechanical analysis tools exposed.
These tools are selected, and all others are cleared.
Click OK, and only the selected tools display in the user interface.
To distribute an interface configuration to multiple users, an INI switch can be set to define a specific configuration.
Use the OneBox configuration tool to define the INI value to distribute to users.
Configure the Revit OneBox installation to best meet your workflow needs.