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my name is Zack. and I just wanted to come for a quick testimonial
from michael at metal roofing contractors for such a professional job
we were among those who suffered wind and hail damage from its stars to spring and
we had actually receive a referral to michael from one of our neighbors
would use the insurance claim money they had received as a down payment on a new
metal roof that michael and his crew had installed.
their roof is a beautiful emerald green roof
darker green shading
even at that we still investigated michael and metal roofing online
we were surprised to find michael's work all over you tube
now there must have been over fifty jobs he completed in the last couple of years
we were delightfully surprised to find out that a new metal roof only cost about
twenty five percent more
than a dimensional asphalt shingle roof like we had
installed a few years ago
michael was very patient with us my wife
is a stickler for details
and michael walked us
through the entire process .
we didn't hesitate and signed up with michael
the metal arrived in just three days and michael and his guys showed up the next
day regularly
the process of installing the roof
was exactly as michael had outline for us
and they were here and gone in three days cleaning up each day as if no one
was even working here
michael took some videos of our new home
and i hope you see those also
i highly recommend michael to anyone who is interested in a new metal roof
professionally installed you will not be disappointed